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Have you ever felt this stupid?

I get up today. I take a shower. I get dressed, make lunch, strap on my boots and put on suntan lotion. (I work outside most days). I mentally prepare myself. Then, I jumped into my truck and headed to work.

I do this six days a week, I mean, no big deal, right?

I notice the parking lot is kind of full. Odd, for this area, where everyone works at 6am. On the way to work the road is clear, no one but me. No one.

Can you sense what is happening yet?

I get to work, a 300+ employee place. The parking lots is empty, totally and utterly empty. I go to the front door.. locked.


And yes, I *do* live under a rock.
I've done exactly that before when going to college. Unless you're very organized little things like that will always be able to sneak up on you.
I have mistaken a sunday morning for a monday morning, I did pretty much the same as you but I had a 12 mile bikeride, it was a strange feeling of loss and gain, I lost some time and energy but I gained a day off !! Razz
No. I have on occasion gotten up when I didn't need to, but I haven't got all the way to work/college before realising :P

What was the rest of the day like for you?
You don't have to be stupid to forget holidays. When I remember holidays I sometimes forget that the bank is closed or the post office is closed. Do it all the time cause that's the time I can usually go. If it wasn't for direct deposit and my atm card I would have no money in the bank or in my hands.
i used to work shift work and have shown up at 6am when i wasnt meant to start till 2pm...but never showed up on a public holiday
I wouldn't go to the extent to calling you stupid, but I usually don't forget holidays. For me, a day off school is most welcome, and I never forget it. Smile
Memorial day, hmm.... must be quite something, isn't it? (*feeling the slightly bothered patriotic reactions already...*)

Wikipedia wrote:
Memorial Day is a United States Federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (in 2008 on May 26). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who perished while in military service to their country. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War, it was expanded after World War I to include casualties of any war or military action.

Decoration Day? As in "OMG these walls look absolutely terrible! Why haven't I noticed it before? Let's all paint now!" or as in "for one day having a sense of decorum"?
The trick here is to have well-informed roommates who don't like alarm clocks.
I've done that before I was happy.
I said hell yea no work today! and went home.
I did feel stupid though.
PatTheGreat42 wrote:
The trick here is to have well-informed roommates who don't like alarm clocks.
Yeah, they nicked mine and now I have to use a laptop.
I've gotten up when I shouldn't have, but I've never gone so far as leaving to go to my destination, except on a couple snow days.

One time, and I have no idea how, my clock wound up upside down. I looked at it and thought it said 6:11am when it was actually 1:19am and I started getting up. I was just about to step into the shower when I realized it was still dark out. Felt kinda dumb, but I tend to mix those sorts of things up when I'm really tired.
raine dragon
I did the same thing on some holiday while in high school. Sat out there on the sidewalk from like 6:30AM until like 7:45AM wondering where on earth the bus was. finally, a neighbor drove by and called to me out the window. I felt really silly XD
GoldWyvern wrote:
I notice the parking lot is kind of full. Odd, for this area, where everyone works at 6am. On the way to work the road is clear, no one but me. No one.

Can you sense what is happening yet?

I get to work, a 300+ employee place. The parking lots is empty, totally and utterly empty. I go to the front door.. locked.

My question is this: At what did you realise something was awry before remembering it was Memorial Day, or did you just think you were lucky getting parking spot? Razz
Lmao, i went to school, a 1 hour bus journey to realise school wasn't on that day. Sad
I've never left it that late, but I mistake the day often. Another bad one is forgetting when daylight savings happens. Someone I know (hopefully not me) is late/early by one hour that day.
Never gone that far before, but I usually turn the alarm off if don't I have to get up. But I will still pop up from being sleep and say, like "Why didn't the damn alarm go off! It's (whatever time it is)! I am going to be late or I am late! Then jump out of bed and look around wildly. All the while the dog is giving me that "What the hell is your problem, look." I am sure that everyone has experienced that fresh out of sleep 2 to 3 seconds of disorientation at least once. That tends to happen more often then I care to admit. It must be an age thing. But I have never made it as far as the shower after that, let alone to work.
I have done it before. In fact this memorial day i was down the beech and got up at like 6:30 got up and was like wait a second where a i... I look around and was like... oh thats right its memorial day. But i have saten and waited for the bus at times on like sunday/saturday.
Well, since I'm a Canadian living in Illinois, I lol at this "Memorial Day". There's like, what, FIVE holidays in North America dedicated to veterans?
i was supposed to buy black formal shoes for my new job which was gonna start the next day.. i was distracted during shopping and i went happily with my purchased.. i sat on my sofa and open my bag and i just realised tt i just bought a new adidas shoes.. and that time was already 11pm.. i stared blankly at my wall, thinking what i should wear the next day without a formal black shoes.. i wished someone would give me a tight slap at that moment..

I've done that at college not too recently!

It was final exam time and I was worried about one exam. I studied my butt of for this exam as I thought it would be a toughy. When I showed up to the exam, only one other student showed up! We went to the professor's office he wasnt there. There was no final exam! woot. Oh yea, I forgot to say before the exam I emailed the professor and asked when the final exam was... he never replied... lol
One time my dad played a trick on his Navy buddy, where he changed the clock so that the 5am alarm went off at midnight. 5am was the time the guy would go to training across town, I think my dad went an hour or so later. So my dad put the coffee on, the other guy took a shower and left in a hurry, then my dad just switched the clock back and went right back to bed. The guy was furious, and my dad could swear he could hear the screaming from across town.

Also, one time my grandparents mixed up their 8am for 8pm. They were tired and had gone to bed early at around seven, but for some reason my grandmother woke right up an hour later. It was overcast so they couldn't really tell where the sun was, and they had a place to be at 10am so they thought they were really running late. They didn't realize anything was wrong until they switched the TV on and didn't see the right programs...
I haven't, but this reminds me of something my friend did!

We were under some Ice Storm warning or something, so our school delayed 2 hours, but the temperature was too warm for ice, so it was just raining. My friend drove to school, was putting stuff in her locker when an administrator rounded the corner and informed her that we actually had a 2 hour delay. It was kind of funny.
haha; I thought you got the day of the week mixed up (as you said you work 6 days a week). but yeah, I've done things like that (NO NEVER! hahaha). But no worries, we are all human.

and we are all therefore imperfect, imo.

what is another person's thought on this? can a human be perfect?
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