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Fedora Core

I've dabbled with linux over the years, played with SuSE 10.1 for awhile (and it was totally broken)...but I recently installed Fedora Core 7 on my desktop (dual Windows XP/Linux) and I absolutely love it! Now, I'm no pro at linux and can't say that I have tried other types, but this flavor seems to suit me.

Any other Fedora Core users out there?

I enjoy it because it gives me the tools I need to really learn the network administration side of things, eventually I would like to get certified and possibly find a job along those lines, even though my college degree deals with English Lit and Political Science computers intrigue me.

Anyhow, just thought I would share my experience with Fedora Core...eventually I'll totally phase Windows out of my life! Smile
Actually, Fedora Core is now known as just 'Fedora' since Fedora 7. This is because the Core and Extra repositories have already been merged in that release. Also, I have never really tried using Fedora ever since because I don't like RPM-based distros. Another factor is that since Fedora is just like a testbed for/community version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), the lifespan of each release is very short. By the way, you may want to try out the latest version, Fedora 9 "sulphur". This ships KDE 4.0.3 and other cutting-edge stuff.
Excellent information! Thanks for the reply, I will check it out.
fedora core is very easy to use piece of OS. it is very user friendly.
I have been using it since it was redhat back then and now i am using fedora core 9.
fedora core 9 is very nice to use with very attractive kde4
Fedora 9 would be really good for your to try Linux.
I have been using Fedora since its first release, and i never went on any other flavor of linux , although i tried many others over the time.
For certification RedHat's RHCE(Red Hat Certified Engineer) would be great to start with. I the certification is on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5). But your hands on Fedora will surely help you out (it did help me in my certification) as Fedora has a lot of RedHat code , so some familiarity with RedHat specific tools/commands would be great.
Well I upgraded to F9 a few days ago...I actually use GNOME on my desktop and haven't really played with it that much better looking?
jsk02a wrote:
Well I upgraded to F9 a few days ago...I actually use GNOME on my desktop and haven't really played with it that much better looking?

Depends on a person's taste. But, don't try KDE 4.0 as yet. If you want to see KDE4 atleast wait for 4.1 release.
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