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Private Page

Hey there,

I would like to create a /private.htm page, which when the link is clicked asks the user for a user and password to be able to enter.

Im guessing i will have to use Https, but also im wondering if it can be done with a simple script.

Im really new to any sort of scripts, so telling me to type a command without backing up how you do so, may be a waste Wink

To put it into terms,

User enters website, clicks on link 'Private', to gain access he has to enter

Username : Admin
Password : Admin

for example.

This would be prompted in a box like this one:

If the user enters the wrong password more than three times, he gets a error page

saying ' Access Denied '

Please! I would really know how to create one of these.

Thanks Wink

Use the cpannels built in password protector, of course u will have 2 make a private folder and put a index.htm in there
I second that it's easier to use cPanel's manager for protected directories, otherwise you will have to manually program the .htaccess and .htpasswd files by hand.

Take a look at if you were interested in doing it by hand.

- Mike.
Thanks Smile didnt see that option on cpanel.
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