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Hey, Everyone Needs a Hobby

At least, that's what my brother tells me every time he plays a practical joke on me.

GW: "GAH! Why are you in the back seat of my car?! Do you love torturing me?"
Brother: "Yep. Everyone needs a hobby."

My own hobbies are transitory, ranging from my love of Magic: the Gathering, to wiring up things so they do things they shouldn't. This last is especially fun if the object in question happens to catch fire.

If I had to sit down and point to just one or three, however, I would say Writing, Web Design, and Posting On Message Boards.

Gee, did *I* ever end up on the right site, huh?

I also enjoy computer repair, programming in PHP, HTML, MYSQL, (the old LAMP or WAMP), etc. So you see, I'm a well rounded guy, if by well rounded you mean 'shut in' or 'total nerd'.

Hmm, as this is sort of an introductory post, lemme also say 10 Print "Hello, World!"

Hehe, you programmers will get that.
Thanks for this posting. Up to now I really thought I had no hobbies. And then through reading about other people's hobbies discovered I do have hobbies. I do love writing. I love the feeling of my fingers connecting with my keyboard, sort of an extension of what goes on in my head and a special connection. I also like to create Websites. I have not done much of it lately, so am itching to get stuck in. I find if I do up Websites for someone else, then it seems to be more meaningful for me. That is how my first Website started. There was this guy who was a birdwatcher, on the very technical level. He printed "how to" birdwatching booklets for people from his own pocket. He also took people on birding trips, contributing generously of his own time. And enjoying it too. So I thought if he could be that generous, and make a contribution, I could perhaps do something similarly. I then took his Birdwatching Handbook, and step by step did up my first Website at end of 1999, which turned out to be a present for him. Was quite a nice feeling. And he turned out to be a lifelong friend on a long-distance basis. We are still working together on a Website, however it has changed much as he has moved from one country to another and different birds make for different Websites. I have also moved from one country to another. Totally amazing what the Internet has done with borders.

I have been in a rut for a while, and reading through the messages in the Forum under Website tools and software has been inspiration to me. Lots of Freeware, as well as tools to test out. I am particularly interested in posting Video clips. Would be great to add that to the Birding Website. My challenge is to find software that would use as little space as possible. Also would love to learn more about other tools for creating databases. I genuinely love computers and computing. A tool for creating order out of chaos.

I have not been out in a long while, hibernating and cursing my enemies (perhaps that has become a hobby as well Smile ), however love the ocean, the water, swimming, scuba diving, out on the boat, the fishes of the ocean, the sea birds, all of it. Have not done that for a long long while. It used to be a hobby of mine.
In this connection: what is a hobby?
1. Something to fill free time.
2. Something what one is doing in the free time, by own initiative.
3. Something one enjoys (to do? Is actions required?).
Explanation: two years trying to quit my hobby. No enjoyment (is this necessary for qualifying it as a hobby?).
Just work, expenses, work, space restrains, work, back pain and headache. Routine.
High maintenance exotic pets.

What I would like to do, but never had and never will have, is a leisure in peace and quiet. Time free from any purposeful activity, without being bothered by anyone or anything.
Did I mentioned, that it should be in peace and quiet? Laughing
Wow, I never really considered myself much of a nerd, but I guess I qualify with the use of "pwn" "chown" and your little reference...

I blame it on my vocational school instructor. Sure, it was advanced computer education, but did we need to be subjected to the mind-numbing social practices?
xD Oh dear.. joking, joking...

You know, quite frankly, that sounds like a friend of mine. In fact, with the name, I had to do a double-take and try to see your locale because there's just such a correllation...
But, I digress.

I really thought everything was my hobby. I've got so many feet in so many DIFFERENT frying pans it's hard to tell which one's simmering, which one's ice-cold, and which one's at a boil...
For some of my snyde little comments and perhaps easily amused demeanor as of late I've been told:
"You need a hobby."
"Oh bullshit." (And yes, they do. I work at a farm store. I would know.)

The fact is, almost EVERY hobby I've ever had has earned me some money... thereby making it a job or form of income. The only one that hasn't paid off yet is my writing hobby and that's just because I'm simply too damn lazy. =)

So - NO! Not everyone needs a hobby. I've been told I either have a ton or none at all. =P
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