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Ways to help Frihost

Since a lot of people have asked during the years how to support/help Frihost, here they are. Please note that this announcement is and will be under construction and will hence get a lot of additions and changes over time.

First of all, we don't accept donations and we will probably never accept them. The same for paid plans and the like.

The best way to support us, is to make this community a better and more popular place. You can do this by being very active yourself by starting good topics and posts, helping others, using our blogs and other features, ...

Apart from that, you can also refer others to Frihost, link to us, talk about us and vote/rate for us.

We appreciate every link you give us and talking about us in other forums/places is definitely appreciated (as long as it isn't spam).

There are quite a few places where you can write review about us and rate us. Most places rank websites by ratings. Please consider this if you rate us. Wink

Please also be honest in your reviews.

ClickHereFree had quite some problems lately after being banned by Google for a while. However, they seem to be back and you can vote for us once again. The higher the ratings, the higher we appear in the top 10.

WebHostingJury also has us in their database, but they need a certain number of reviews to appear in be ranked. It seems to be pretty hard for a review to get in, so please write an honest, elaborate review.

WebHostingUnLeashed has us listed here and is also waiting for reviews. If you search for "Frihost" on Yahoo, they appear in an ad with "Frihost review" as a title. has a rating page about us.

StumbleUpon also has a page about us. also has a listing of us, which you can vote on.

ForumRank also has our forums listed and you can review us there.

A lot more places to follow. Very Happy
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