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Easy way to do sidepanel links?

I am writing my whole site by hand, which means every time I add a page I have to update the sidepanel links on every single page, by hand Rolling Eyes Can I have a file on my site that contains all the link info (icons, URL, name, etc) and have each page read that file and display it in the proper location? So I only have to update that file when I add a page, and all other pages reflect it automaticaly?

Any help greatly appreceated!
Yes you can.
I think the simplest way would be to use php. Save your page you want it to show on as a php file (eg. index.php home.php etc)
Now create a file with your navigational info in and save it as a php file or txt etc (for this example nav.php)
Now on the pages you want it to show on (must be saved as php!) include this code (where it is to be shown!)


Alternatively you could depending on how your site is made and layouts, have the one layout and change the content (dynamic content). Not exactly what your asking for if you can use it it's better!
( )
Thank you!

I am going to try dynamic content and see if I can make a mess of my site! Maybe I'll try it on a new page first. When you say I need for eg. index.php, do I just rename index.html? And if so, is php just a super extended html?

I'm off to look for some php tuts!

Thank you!
Is there any way to have it call up a page from my blog (WordPress), extract, say from line 30 until </div>, and insert it in my lates news column on my site? PHP is the coolest thing yet!
Hmm, well if WordPress is a php/MySQL based blogger, then you should be able to find the code that pulls that certain section in the database to be displayed.

Then you just have to add that bit of code in an external site, with some modifications.
OK. I could do that, but what if I want to pull a headline off CNN and display it, or any other site? (I'm not trying to say your idea does not do axactly what I want, I'm just full of ideas and questions!)

BTW, take a look, It's all PHP/dynamic content, What fun!
Texas Al
CNN probably has an RSS feed, lets see...

Yep, they do.

That makes it easier, because you can use Magpie to parse the RSS and show it on your site.

If your target site doesn't have an RSS feed, this discussion thread might help you in eventually writing a page scraper in PHP. But that's kind of an advanced topic, and I don't know if the poster ever got it to work.
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