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Website Software - A Tool

I think what helped me when I started to learn how to do a Website was that I had materials that I wanted to publish on the Internet. I was completely gung-ho and driven, and that does make learning that much more focussed and motivated. All I needed were the tools to publish the Website. It was the content that spurred me on. I learned by doing. I tried various software programmes, including writing my own HTML, however, found FrontPage the easiest package with just the right amount of sophistication for me, as well as familiarty of MS-Word style editing including Undo, spell check, cut and paste from Word, etc. When I first started using FrontPage 98, it had its own photo editor, but I preferred a light version of Adobe Photoshop LE that had been bundled in with Adobe PageMill 3.0. I had purchased the latter Website software while I was experimenting, however FrontPage came out more practical for me. Very recently I had cause to download GIMP for photo editing and am getting to the stage where I prefer it over Adobe Photoshop LE. I am not big on bells and whistles for Websites, however do want to learn more about publishing Videos on a Website but in the most economical way from a file size point of view.
I agree completely.
The most unproductive thing I can do with my website or anything web-design related is just say "I feel like working on my/a website. I'm going to do something!"
Since I've had no formal training, the best thing I feel I can do is have a gaol or specific project in mind. Then I just do what I have to do to accomplish it.
Otherwise I just stare at the monitor, start something, deleteit and start over.
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