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Braces Cutting My Lips...

Hey, I'm fourteen and I just recently got braces (recently as in two days ago). The pressure's nearly gone, but they constantly cut away at my lips. The dentist gave strips of wax to put on the pointed parts of the metal things on my teeth to reduce friction but I haven't put them on yet. Why, you ask, am I being an idiot and not putting them on? Well I don't think I'm going to put them on every tooth every day, and so I don't want to get "hooked" on them (like I don't want to be uncomfortable without my sacred wax) without finding any other solution. Got anything?

Hi, I'm 18 and I have had braces for more than 2years now and I know what wax your talking about.
To be fare the wax is there to help. who ever told you that your body will not get used to your brace with the wax in place then they are mistaken. (I mean body as in the skin on your inner lip)

Still with the wax in place the wax will rub against your lip. Naturally your lip with feel the wax and the skin on your inner lip will become tougher.

Soon (2 - 3 weeks) you will notice you will not need the wax. ( I didn't even finish it all Laughing )

It's up to you if you choose not to use the wax but without it, it will make your lip sore.

good luck...

I'm getting mine out in 5 weeks time Very Happy

It gets better with time..
I had braces when I was younger. It cuts your lips for a while, but like the pressure, it goes away. Give it a couple of weeks and you get used to it. Maybe it has something to do with just getting used to it, or maybe it cuts away everything to the point that there's nothing left to cut. I don't know... but the point is, give it a few days. It'll get better.
Hey guys, thanks for the help. I started using the wax and it works great; the pressure and cuts are almost gone, maybe just another week Smile
Klaw 2
HalfBloodPrince wrote:
Hey guys, thanks for the help. I started using the wax and it works great; the pressure and cuts are almost gone, maybe just another week Smile

The wax is great, you eill get used to it, don't try "cold turkey" on the wax, it will hurt again. If you put a thinner and thinner layer you'll get slowly get used to the pointy blocks.

Also when they tighten your brace and they don't cut a little of the iron wire off remind them to. A sister of an old friend had that e few times in a row. Wich caused one side of the wire pertrude through her cheeck while sleeping. She woke up with an terrible pain and a bloody pillow. She got about 350 dollars in return for the "inconvenience" but she could hardly drink and eat any thing.
Also at first when they tighten it will feel worse than the first time. After the 5th time you start to get used to it. But every tightening is not a big pleasure.
I never used wax when I had my braces. I just got use to it, eventually your mouth will make room for the braces.
I've had braces before, waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 6th grade. One time, my orthodontist neglected to cut the wires off completely in the back, so a bit of wire stuck out from the braces and scraped the insides of my cheek. After a few days (when I finally decided that something was wrong), my cheeks were sore and bleeding. I could barely eat.

Always make sure your dentist did your braces well. If it hurts after a few days, something is probably wrong.
Lord Klorel
After a short time your mouth will adjust completely with the brace. I once carried this:

The First days my teeth did very much pain because the metal wire was very tight. Even with those elastics my mouth didn't go open very far, so eating like (how should i explain it) jelly puddings and mushed potatoes with some fish and veggy's in some liquid form where the things that i ate.
After a few days when i was adjusted to the pain i could eat normal food.

If the wire is really a big pain i just go back to the dentist and ask to cut the wire a bit so that it stops to irritate your mouth.

"sorry for my big mouth"
like the first guy said, the wax's rubbing will help. if you don't like it, try orabase. its a sort od gel that takes away about 50% of the pain, making it easier to adjust.
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