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What do i do?

Does she know you?
Have you ever spoken to her before?

Talk to her, befriend her even. or you can jsut plain out go up to her, not around her friends incase she decides to make a show of it, and tell her you'd like to take her to the movies or something.
i sit next to her in science class and we get along and chat to each other
killer911pt wrote:
Also i have no idea how i am going to ask here when the time comes im definately not doing on the internet and icant on the phone (i dont have one) so its going to havce to be in person but i dont wanna do it with all her friends around but i have NO idea on how to ger her alone

Just take a piece of notepaper (or plain paper) and write one beautiful note to her. That's what I would do if there's no other option available.

killer911pt wrote:
i sit next to her in science class and we get along and chat to each other

Since you are near her, you have the biggest chance ever, you see her everyday, you talk to her everyday, you sit beside her. I wonder why you can't ask her!

You can attract her, by helping her with her assignments. There are many things you can do to attract her, you can tell her interesting stories, you can go along her when you leave the class, and on one day, you'll see her caring about you.

But, do not befriend her as brother and sister, as this will be the worst as I think.
Its always easy to go near with her and say "Hey how are you" and the rest of the talked will come up.. do it. it really works. Laughing
I’ll just give you my idea’s ok. Everyone is different so this may not apply to you.

I suggest possiblily looking at your own person first. To ask a question like the one you asked "how do i get her alone" I am going to persume you feel a little awkward around her maybe because of her friends? Try to loose that feeling ok and be comfortable around her and her friends.

You are showing good sense though by keeping your thoughts about 'her and you' - things - private. She will appreciate that. For me, I don’t like it when guys ask me if I am “taken”. Sound’s like I am someone property or somthing but i do know what you mean.

Yeah, if you want to ask her out - do it privately but other than that don’t worry about being around her friends maybe? What ever is going to happen will happen. Get to know them, talk a little and maybe one of her friends will like you. Can’t hurt. If you don't feel welcomed back off then try again another day.

Sad Cool Cool Laughing
thanks its half-term right now and ive been waiting for her to log onto MSN to ask her if she feels like going to the cinema but she hasnt been online Sad and i only have science 3 times a week!

and after half-term we will be in different classes but in each others french class 2 times a week Sad

and im close enough to ask her about ALL her classes for about an hour trying to work out if im in any of them Very Happy

and its not that i dont like her friends its just her being around them might influence her answer and mabe not!

EDIT!: Let me re-phrase my first post "Is she single? or in a relasionship?"
yes, her friends may influence her answer, if she thinks your cute, but the rest of them thinks you ar not cute, and you go to her while she is in that group it'll be harder to convince her or something....

unless she is a grown up person who don't care about other persons comments if she likes somebody (well grown up .... many "grown up" people don't even act like that ....)
Don't hesitate to ask her out of class and go to the movie or supermarket.
biggest secret to getting a girl to go with you: get her friends on your side. talk to them too, get to know them, make them laugh, but keep it casual. don't get muddled in your identity. when you do finally make a move, whether it's a note or a simple question, whatever she says she'll ask them later. if she can go to them and THEY have your back, well... it's all up to you then.

p.s. don't ask her out if she's not alone, e v e r.
p.p.s. if you're nervous as hell, that's a good sign. if you're afraid of being awkward, that's a bad sign. as a previous poster said, get to know her a little first. it's the little things man.
so how's it going?
Print out pictures of her on her myspace, cut out the eyes, and paste them all over your walls. That way, when she comes over for bed lovin', she can wears masks of herself. =D
scott...stop being idle!!! ahahahahahaaaa
yeah, go on and ask her out.
-lmao- @ the eye cut out remark.

you should totaly never underestimate the power
of standing beneath a girls window with a boom box
blaring cheesey love songs either Wink

If you're in school still I'm assuming you're young,
so don't sweat it man! Tell her you'd like to speak to
her alone after class or something - then just be honest
and tell her ya dig her. If she says no, who cares!?
you're young, there's lots of girls to ask out later,
and you're best off to get the practice in now.
Alright, let's get ourselves straight if we're going to ask this girl out.

You're obviously interested in her, however I'd seriously question wether it's "love" seeing as you're yet to know each other on an intimate level. (I.e. do you know her personal feelings on issues? The details of her homelife? Her faults?)

Beyond that, there's nothing wrong with asking a girl out if you aren't sure if she has a boyfriend. So long as you don't allow her to cheat on some hypothetical boyfriend with you, and let it rest if you find out that she's taken... it's fine.

If she's single then you can go for your life, or if she's on the verge of breaking up with him she might do so earlier if she knows she has someone to turn to.

Anywho, you could call from a payphone?

It could roll like this:

"Hey, I can't be too long because I'm calling from a payphone... haha yeah don't have a real phone at home... but I was wondering if you'd like to catch up sometime.

I'd like to hear more about the such'n'such-a-thing you told me about last science class
I heard such n such a movie was out, thought it seemed like something you'd like
I could just help you with that summer project we're doing at the library..."

First dates don't even really need to be dates, just an ice-breaker where two people "realise" that they want to date.

Or... send her a letter?

Using old school communication is actually kinda sweet.

edit: NOTE: mentioning that you're calling/lettering because you didn't know how to get her alone at school, seeing as everyone likes her company so much she's always with people, would be a winner too.
Send her roses with notes in it and pop up randomly in public and say mysterious things.

It works in shojo.
Can you find out what her phone number is and phone her? That should be real private. I agree with you, it will probably be uncomfortable for her too, as when with friends, people feel much more exposed than with people they do not know. Think phone call would be a good way to go.

Don't think too much about it. Just jump in there and do it. Pick up the phone and phone. You could ask her straight whether she is currently involved with someone else and whether it would be any offense to her if you could ask her out. Work out exactly what you want to ask her for, i.e. movie, or coffee or something specific so that she can picture it. If she is involved with someone else she would tell you then, and she would also respect you for giving her space and a choice.

Go for it!
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