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3G iPhone in Australia

Ok so the rumours are flying thick and fast, it looks like the 2nd generation iPhone (the first we will see here in Australia) is touted to be 3G and available in 16 and 32gb hdd sizes (among many other things)

Question is, who is getting one?
Me! I was actually thinking of buying one from US and then hacking it to use it here. But I guess I'll wait for this. Also was it Optus or Vodafone that's going to be selling it?
I've heard all three major telcos are going to sell it.
so far optus and vodafone are confirmed on board, nothing else has been confirmed at this stage.
and there we go folks, 3g iphone ready to buy july 11 in australia.

now, how to scam this through work somehow!!!
And you can have 'em...

I'm sick to effin' death with all the hoo-haa over the bloody thing. The fanboys seem to think it's the greatest thing since sliced bred.

Unless it can help me lose weight, grow my penis (why the hell not! Laughing), make me rich, find me a loving wife, end world wars and hunger, and so far as I'm concerned, Steve Jobs can stick his phone where the sun doesn't shine.

And there endeth my rant.
i give you a month of seeing other people who have one and you will want one yourself.

got an ipod champ? wonder how long before you bought it?
bjwok wrote:
i give you a month of seeing other people who have one and you will want one yourself.

got an ipod champ? wonder how long before you bought it?

Righty-o old sport, I'll happily take up your challenge and report back to you one month after it's released and see if I have fallen in with the crowd and brought one. You have my word on this. Wink Smile

I still highly doubt I will want one, when you consider -
- I come from a rural area, especially where Optus and Vodafone have only just announced the installation of their 3G networks in my area, and that Telstra (the major telco brand around here) hasn't announced their intentions for the iPhone to be supported on Next G as yet. So I don't think it's going to be a "must have" accessory on the streets of my town just yet.
- I never buy anything on launch, as the price will be sky high (based on previous experience), and I'd dare say the telcos are going to charge people an arm and leg for plans. I'm currently happy on pre-paid, as I don't make that many phone calls.
- I'd prefer a model with a high capacity disk, say, more than 30GB as a bare minimum.

And believe it or not, I do have an iPod. A iPod video 30GB, purchased late 2006. And I intend to keep it for a long time to come, until it carks itself, and not before. I had two previous drives, one a cheap brand, the other a 1GB Sandisk model that only got replaced because I wanted more drive space. That one is still used for podcasts on the run and as a voice recorder. I only brought the iPod I have now only for the disk space and video. That's it.

What I'm getting at is all the drooling over the iPhone, first when it was released, and now as the store in Sydney is about to open and the 3G version is about to be released. I'm sorry, but I just don't buy into it. It's just a glorified mobile phone to me. I'm not an Apple fanboy who believes every word of drivel that comes from Jobs' mouth as if it's gospel. If Sandisk, Creative, Nokia, etc... put out a better model that craps over the iPhone, and if it was priced competitively, I'd consider that instead.
sounds like a deal bigdan!

i think honesty is the rule in this gamel you have to honest about when you crack and buy one ok?

and now, how much are they touted at? $199 for 8gb and $299 for 16gb?

i think you may crack earlier than expected!! lol
I'm a mac fan as well, but I always regarded the iPhone as a kind of dream machine that I'd never be able to afford, but when Jobs announced the low price for Australian models I'm beginning to think that I'll be able to get one... Maybe Very Happy ,
hey bigdan, i wonder if you have since changed your tune, now that telstra are onboard?

you are in the country, telstra are the biggest mobile provider to rural areas...

i think you are about to crack buddy! lol

rehana, your post make absolutely zero sense!!

if you have anything valid to add, make it clear. please.
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