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OK here's my site. Give it to me!

Let me know what ya'll think. All suggestions and reviews appreciated

Edit: Ok I've added a lot of stuff so tell me what you think. Even if you don't like the site itself I encourage you to join our forum. It's basically a place where like minded individuals can come together and help each other on our charity/activism projects and websites.

Just to save thread space; I know, my navigation sucks! That's my next project. I just wanted to get the forum up and running cause I feel a forum like this one is more important than even my site.

Thanks Very Happy
Logo and layout is so horrible. also ads are too big.

I just take a look on code for 1 sec and i saw...

<TD WIDTH=655>

<TR><TD><A HREF="index.htm"><IMG SRC="img/mymark3.jpg"

Then i close this web so fast Smile Use Divs instead of tables for that simple layout, You just making chaos in your code.
WOW. Yeah. Layout = in extreme need of repair. Sorry to sound rude, but I'll give you the facts; your layout needs just as much work as the frihost home-page does. Smile
Please tell me what you would change? What about it sux to you. Colors? Font sizes, What? It's not rude to tell me it sux but at least tell me how you would improve it.
I don't mind the layout,its simple,sites like yours should be,charity sites don't benefit from being too busy,looking at the live 8 site , that is also a real simple affair,im guessing the people at live 8 know what they are doing.

As for divs v tables,why does it matter,if it looks the same, does it matter whats under the bonnet.
The site looks great with the round edge boxes

Make sure every thing line up on the bottem (It would make it look better)
PikaChu; Good ideas. Would be very usefull to those who need help in those respective subjects but IMHO I think you should put some work into some presentation. Especially on the math forum. You need an introduction page to introduce the site and make it more appealing. If you do that then I can see the math and vocabulary sites getting decent traffic.

The site looks great with the round edge boxes

Thank you I like the rounded edges better for some reason I can't put my finger on. Not sure what I want to do regarding the bottom yet.

Thanks for the review.
The site looks so simple..Anyway it is meant for a good need and not for any artistic competition sort of thing right..??? In that sense it is ok..!!

But you could try in for a more attractive design...!!!
I would judge it but I can't even see the site! Laughing It just says page can't be displayed. Can you please fix that? Thanks.
I would judge it but I can't even see the site! It just says page can't be displayed. Can you please fix that? Thanks.

What browser are you using? This is one thing I've yet to do is check it out in different browsers. I'll get to that ASAP. So please let me know if you all get the same what browser you're using. Thanks!

Edit: Don't know what to tell you. Site is up, Server is up, and I can see no problems.
^I'm using Internet explorer. Let me try your website again. Thanks.

EDIT: Nope, still doesn't work.
All works perfectly for me. And why don't you like tables? If man doesn't know how to use div tags, leave him in rest Smile
Site is looking good, with that rounded shapes style. I like it.
It all looks good and works fine.

One thing I'm not sure of, though, is that the navigation bar is at the bottom. People normally look for it at the top - it may annoy some people.
you should put the nav bar on the left and the ads on the bottom and please give your text some color and font as well as changing the background from gray and white to maybe a dark tan or some other color, gray and black makes a paragraph nobody would want to read (this is from firefox).
Ok I've added a lot of stuff including a forum. I need posters and moderators and such. If your a good writer and have an interest in charity and activism, come by and get involved. I will observe new users and those that seem to have a legitimate interest I'll make moderators. I also added a "Tech Corner" because charities need technical advice too. So all you geeks out there that love to help newbies, or if you have a question, come on by!

I'd like to give special thanks here to Bondings and Frihost for giving us a home. Viva La Frihost!!!
Im still against your colors, they hurt my eyes
change to the font style - looks like I am reading in an old book. and that blue
ccube921 wrote:
they hurt my eyes
try to make some better colours, do not only use the 16 standart colours, like "white" or "blue"
Yeah I started on his site for free changed from tables to divs and im using ifferent colors and fonts
It is nice to see your site on
Thanks insolent1, I hope it helps. I really need members for my forum. But I guess we all do huh? Twisted Evil I'm beginning to think that I'ts going to be harder than I thought to drum up support for a charity site.
i think it was a borring site, the advertising was too big and the logo colud be smaller
that will give you a better site .
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