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Protect Your Computer with Deep Freeze

Protect Your Computer with Deep Freeze
Its been more than four years since I first installed the Deep Freeze. At that time I was running a cyber with fifteen computers. Since the computers were for public use and closed inside the personal cabin, I did not care (and of course, not possible neither suitable) to notice what sites they access; which file they downloaded. Moreover, my primary customers on that cyber were students. Students everyday learnt new things and came to my computer to test those tips and tricks since they were scared to test them on their own computers. I started facing problems from very beginnings. Many times I had to go through troubles such as system files deleted, operating system settings unalterably modified, unnecessary, vulgar and nude pictures pasted on desktop, malicious applications installed on computer, lot of viruses, spyware and malware acting vigorously made impossible to operate computer any more without formatting and reinstalling everything again and again. I had to format and reinstall everyday at least two of my fifteen computers so that my cyber keep on running. Preparing two computers everyday meant five to six hours effort.

Thanks to Deep Freeze. I immediately realized when I was reading a page on Internet, that the solution to my problems was nothing other than Deep Freeze. When I obtained Deep Freeze, I started with each computer a complete formatting, a fresh copy installation of operating system and all the necessary applications, then locked everything on the system drive with Deep Freeze. Then I deployed those computers in cyber. All my wows gone. My system was bullet proof safe. My computers were every day fresh as if it was just installed. Now, let them install viruses, open all those site full of risks, let them format the drives, delete whatever they wish, copy anything into my computer, apply whatever desktop, whatever, whatever..NO PROBLEM! Whenever I wished to upgrade or install any new applications or tools I just unlocked the deep freeze, finished my upgrading or installing then again locked immediately, finished! The system is perfectly protected. After that day I never installed any of the antivirus software nor spyware nor any other protection systems! I became contented and satisfied!

Now you might be wandering what is this Deep Freeze?

With over five million installations, Deep Freeze has a proven track record of non-restrictive, complete Windows protection. Deep Freeze provides network administrators with a simple and 100% successful method of maintaining desktop systems and reduces software technical support to an absolute minimum. Completely invulnerable to hacking, Deep Freeze instantly protects and preserves original computer configurations. No matter what changes a user makes to a workstation, simply restart to eradicate all changes and reset the computer to its original state. Computing environments are easier to manage and maintain, and expensive computer assets are kept running at 100% capacity. The result is a truly protected and parallel network, completely free of harmful viruses and unwanted programs.

Faronics develops and markets intelligent utilities for absolute control of multi-user computing environments. Faronics’ market-leading solutions have dramatically impacted the day-to-day lives of thousands of information technology professionals and computing lab managers, ensuring 100% availability of systems. Our user-driven, powerful technology innovations benefit educational institutions, libraries, government organizations and corporations. Incorporated in 1996, Faronics has two offices situated in the USA and Canada. An ambitious growth strategy and global outlook has Faronics striving to reach new markets. Future diversification of Faronics’ utilities will provide innovative and unique solutions, continuing to enhance user productivity.

yeah, it is a great software. It's very hard for ordinary users to break the OS after deep freeze is installed. I recommend it for people whose PCs are for public use, like cyber cafe, school PCs etc.
r4inm4ker wrote:
yeah, it is a great software. It's very hard for ordinary users to break the OS after deep freeze is installed. I recommend it for people whose PCs are for public use, like cyber cafe, school PCs etc.
I've found a way past it Razz , but then again I'm not an ordinary user either so.. meh. Our school comps use deepfreeze, and before i had my laptop, i was bored and wanted a way past deepfreeze, and after a while i found a way. I'm not saying how, cuz it would be considering hacking talk , which isn't exactly allowed on frihost Razz So i'll keep to myself.
Yes, they used that at my old college too. It would be nice to have, but without the expensive professional version and the server-controlled updates they had, it would be annoying and difficult to use productively.
Agent ME
Deep freeze is great for computers that have public use, as long as you make sure its still working well.

They use it at my school, but for some reason they gave some students the password to turn off deep freeze. I could understand if the students were techies that were trying to fix something, but now half the computers are slightly changed from the deep freeze, with it re-enabled so only one of them could fix it.

Many computers have some random school assignment froze onto it, random programs like iTunes set up (even though there's no music on the computer for it to manage...), and several that had different anti-virus programs installed, but apparently these programs start up on the first time after boot to finish the install and settings... but they were frozen before the first boot after install, so they always pop up the installer to finish the install on boot. Every freaking time.

And some kids will "vandalize" the computers and make it hard for the next person to use, and then have their changes frozen in... and the teachers will complain that someone is "hacking" the computers and will set the computer to the side, more taxpayer money wasted... JUST TELL THE TECH AND HAVE HIM CHANGE THE PASSWORD ALREADY. #!@&.
Guess its not a problem with the program, but some who use it. Just needed to rant.
If you just manage a few things, its not only for public computers but your personal computer too is perfectly protected. You can throw all the threats away and be happy.

1. Ceate a backup copy of your system drive. In case anything happen you can always restore your system immediately.

2. Move your desktop and my document folder to D drive or any other which will not be frozen by deepfreeze.

3. Freeze your system drive and any other that you want to protect.

Enough! Now relax and run whatever on your computer. Just restarting will refresh your computer.

If you want to learn more please refer My article on Deep Freeze
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