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Do you suffer any allergy?
 50%  [ 5 ]
 50%  [ 5 ]
I used to
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Total Votes : 10

How many of you suffer of allergies?

I have contact dermatitis, which isn't an allergy according to my doctor, but it causes skin irritation, little blisters and hurts, if I leave my skin too much time in contact of any kind of metal (excepting silver and gold), dust, and almost all kind of soap.

My mother told me that milk on my skin used to cause the same reaction, but I grown up and milk doesn't hurt my skin anymore.

Do you have some food allergy?
I don't have any food allergies, I believe. well from what i have observed so far. I'm not that picky with food so I have tasted many kinds and I've had no allergies yet.

it's nice that you're not allergic to milk anymore. ^^
I suffer from allergies as well. Seems like after I moved from Michigan to Arizona, my allergies got 20x worse. Stupid air pollen hay fever grasses.

Claritin D does help suppress a bit of it... but not completely.
I only have allergy for grass and trees. Im not very allergic, but a bit...
No allergies here although I have something called "Rhinitus" which is just the symptoms of allergies without actually having allergies.

My wife is allergic to everything that lives, however.
I'm allergic to certain medicines... And to cigarette smoke, which is pretty annoying, because everybody smokes around you... Sad
I'm allergic to seasonal stuff (probably pollen) and pistachios. Despite my allergies, I still eat pistachios sometimes (it's not life-threatening, they just make my throat itch). Very Happy
I'm allergic for strawberrys, milk, pollen, a little bit for animals but I have pets, wool, Mona ice and much more? xD
dust/pollen, and i'm starting to think cat/dog hair, but it's not too bad, but if i dont take my stuff , and i sit on the floor, by my dog/cats i always get itchy (no fleas) and my eyes start watering/get irritated and then i'll start sneezing.. It's more when i go to my dads where theres cats, not so much when i'm around my dog.

Usually i'm fine though, i take one 24 hour Extra Strength Reactine, and i'll be fine.

Other than that... no i cant think of anything unless School is an allergy where the symptoms are stress and homework .
I have a metal allergy. A test at a dermatologist showed platinum was one of the source.
I am not allergic to any food items or animals... And i don't have any allergy to any plants or trees...!!

But i do have allergy to some medicines and the main allergy that i have is dust allergy...!!!
raine dragon
My skin gets sores and rashes from grass, most metals (Pure copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum are ok), Most soaps, chlorine and sunscreen.

I'm also lactose intolerant, so I don't come into contact with milk much so I don't know if it hurts my skin.

Clear nail polish is my best friend. the pull tabs of zippers, the fastenings on my jeans and coats, the back of barrettes, and the posts of a lot of my earrings get a quick coat of clear nail polish the day before I wear them. Once it dries, it lasts a pretty good amount of time unless it's on something that gets beat up a lot.
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