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Types of Engineering

So I most deffinitally want to go into some field of engineering. My top two choices right now are either Aerospace or Electrical engineering. I get joy out of building and flying my R/C planes and rockets and I also enjoy building little electronic contraptions and mods. For me the engineering field is wide open because I love both math and science and have a blast applying them to our world. I just wanted some input on what some of you would choose given option. Maybe you would choose a different type of engineering?
Congrats on your choice. I am a high school senior, in pretty much the same position you are in. I would suggest you take general engineering for your first few semesters in college, and they will introduce you to all of the fields. You will then be able to make the choice that is right for you.
Though I read Mechanical Engineering, I have always dreamt of studying Mechatronics Engineering. A new introduction at Waterloo University Canada.
Hi there,

I think your options seem like a good choice, however, most engineering programs have a general first year so you can test the waters before specializing, so that should help you considerably in deciding. A poster above me mentioned the university of waterloo here in Canada, their website has some useful information on the different departments. Here is the link:

Goodluck with your decision. Thanks!
Actually, most Engineering programs' lower division requirements are almost identical for all Engineering students, aside from Computer Science, so you don't have to decide now. Here's my recommendation in a receding economy.

You probably have dreams of building aircrafts or contributing to the latest NASA projects...but honestly, there's only a handful of companies you can work for: Boeing, NASA, Lockheed Martin, private areospace companies, etc, and chances are that you'll need to be a Ph.D. in the math, sciences, or engineering fields to be able to work on the good jobs.

I'd definitely take the EE path if the amount of physics or computing doesn't throw you off. Just my two cents.
I would suggest spending some time with engineers at several different companies to see what the different disciplines really do.
I am electronic and electrical engineer. You should love physic and math very much to be electrical engineer
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