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How to Make Good Posts

Just a sort of an easy guide on how to make a good post:

  1. Always read the Rules and other announcements at the top of the forum before posting anything... and by anything, I mean replies too!
  2. Before posting a new topic, use the "Search" function and make sure a similar topic does not exist. You may safely start a new thread once you're sure that a similar topic doesn't exist. Also, avoid posting multiple new topics in any forum... this gets annoying and will be treated as spam, and most of your new topics will be removed to the Spam Can.
  3. When replying to a new topic, make sure you write more than just a random word or a smiley... not only is this very annoying, but it is considered spam too..
  4. When replying, make sure your post adds to the discussion, and is not just some random line that has no connection to the topic at all... in fact, just avoid posting in threads that don't interest you. Wink
  5. DO NOT SPAM OR FLAME! Frihost follows the 3-strike-out policy. We give you 2 warnings before you get banned, and you're IP address is locked, so you cannot register for another account.

For a more detailed guide on making quality posts, read this thread.
And also, don't forget to go through the Forum rules

Happy posting!
Spammers Rule :Write Word "Advice" before starting any Topic on Rules and Regulations.This word has found to be having most Misapproriation Rate,thus they can write anything they want flooding Most valuable Space on WEB.( Rolling Eyes Am i giving ADVICE? for getting Free Space??)
Hence to make Good Post,Try Not to ADVICE!!!!
I am surprised a Mod or admin hasn't locked this already.
PM tidruG for any questions.

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