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best booke in your mind

I'm free these days
so I want to do some readings and want your suggestion
what kind of books do u want to read??
how about Doraemon?? Wink
any kinds is Ok
I just want to spend some time on reading
When I was young
I always do lots of reading
but when I grew elder
I have no time to do that
and I don't know what's populor now
you should read "The adventures of Huck Finn" by Mark Twain
its one of my favorite books that I read back in the tenth grade Very Happy Very Happy

i also liked "Night" by Ellie Wisel.
great story books... let me know if you enjoy thse books
Auther:David Brin
Books Title:
    Startide Rising
    The Uplift War
    Brightness Reef
    Infinity's Shore
    Heaven's Reach

Please read above the book. Nice SF!!
JRR Tolkien-The Lord of the Rings Collection
DanBrown - TheDaVinciCode
DanBrown - Angels & Demons
you can always stick to the classics and read something like "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens and other such titles
JRR Tolkien-The Lord of the Rings Collection = no 1 novel
FF Fujio-Doraemon no 1 comic


I much liked the Hobbit more than LOTOR.Also the Harry Potter books are good.The Outsiders was an intersting read to me.Hmmm also if you like mystery books(like me Very Happy ) the "Prey"(Rules of Prey,Easy Prey...etc.) books rule,also there was a book by Agatha Christy I liked i think it was called And Then There Were None but i'm not sure...
in poem: rumi's work(masnavi,shams...) in persian
Well, my favorite book right now is "The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson: Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging". It's a really funny and girly book that I just finished a while ago...

and got hooked. Laughing It's about a crazy british girl who does... stuff, like shave off her eyebrows on accident. It's... a really fun read. There are sequels after that, but I haven't read them yet.
i read some book but harypotter is very good for Kids and johnson for men
go for atlas shurgged .. if havent read it yet ... its good
This list is taken from the votes of another forum, in order of popularity, with each book getting at least three votes.

I personally recommend most of them, too.

01 Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings/
02 Orwell - 1984/
03 Adams - THHGttG/
04 Heller - Catch 22/
05 Card - Ender's Game/
06 Salinger - Catcher in the Rye/
07 Hebert - Dune/
08 Gaiman - American Gods/
09 Thompson - Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas/
10 Vonnegut - Slaughterhouse Five/
11 Burgess - Clockwork Orange/
12 Martin - Song of Ice and Fire/
13 Rowling - Harry Potter/
14 Huxley - Brave New World/
15 Dante - Inferno/
16 Gaiman - Neverwhere/
17 Vonnegut - Cat's Cradle/
18 King - Dark Tower/
19 Stephenson - Cryptonomicon/
20 Adams - Dirk Gently/
21 Gibson - Neuromancer/
22 Tolkien - The Hobbit/
23 Clavell - Shogun/
24 Clarke - 2001, A Space Oddessy/
25 Orwell - Animal Farm/
26 Vonnegut - Breakfast of Champions/
27 Chuck Palahniuk - Fight Club/
28 Gaiman & Pratchett - Good Omens/
29 Steinbeck - Grapes of Wrath/
30 Nabokov - Lolita/
31 Kafka - Metamorphosis/
32 Gaiman - Sandman/
33 Stephenson - Snow Crash/
34 Palahniuk - Survivor/
36 Rand - Atlas Shrugged/
37 Dostoevsky - Brothers Karamazov/
38 Dumas - Count of Monte Cristo/
39 Dostoevsky - Crime & Punishment/
40 Stephenson - Diamond Age/
41 Bradbury - Fahrenheit 451/
42 King - The Stand/
43 Camus - The Stranger/
44 Jordan - Wheel of Time/
45 Ellis - American Psycho/
46 Garland - The Beach/
47 Goethe - Beowulf/
48 Hawking - Brief History of Time/
49 Voltaire - Candide/
50 Palahniuk - Choke/
51 Pynchon - Crying of Lot 49/
52 Sagan - Demon Haunted World/
53 Dick - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep/
55 Hemmingway - For Whom The Bell Tolls/
56 Asimov - Foundation/
58 Pullman - His Dark Materials/
59 Pynchon - Gravity's Rainbow/
60 Hornby - High Fidelity/
61 Irving - Hotel New Hampshire/
63 Simmons - Hyperion/
65 Ellis - Less Than Zero/
66 Milton - Paradise Lost/
67 Heinlein - Stranger in A Strange Land/
68 Lee - To Kill A Mockingbird/
69 Kafka - The Trial/
This is a good list that you have complied. I would personal have voted for Metamagical Themas by Douglas Hofstadter. If anyone has a chance, pick it up because it is a great book ready a few pages whenever you get a hair.


Here is a litte sum from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Metamagical Themas is an eclectic collection of articles written for Scientific American during the early 1980s by Douglas Hofstadter, and published together as a book in 1985 by Basic Books (ISBN 0465045669) .

The subject matter of the articles is loosely woven about themes in philosophy, creativity, artificial intelligence and important social issues. The volume is substantial in size and contains extensive notes concerning responses to the articles and other information relevant to their content. (One of the notes--page 65--suggested memetics for the study of memes.)

Major themes include: self-referentialism in memes; language; art and logic; discussions of philosophical issues important in cognitive science/AI; and lengthy discussions of the work of Robert Axelrod on the prisoner's dilemma and the idea of superrationality.

The concept of superrationality and its relevance to the Cold War, environmental issues and such is accompanied by some amusing and rather stimulating notes on experiments conducted by the author at the time.

Many other topics are also mentioned, all in Hofstadter's usual easy, approachable style. Another feature is the inclusion of two dialogues in the style of those appearing in Gödel, Escher, Bach. Ambigrams are mentioned.

There are three articles based around the Lisp programming language, where Hofstadter first details the language itself, and then shows how it relates to Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem.

The title is an example of wordplay: it is an anagram of Mathematical Games, the title of Martin Gardner's column that Hofstadter's column succeeded in Scientific American.

good call! I'm re-reading that one now, in my "bathroom time."

The Mind's I is also gold. I would have sex with anything by Hofsteader.

Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything is also a top-quality reference-ish book that doesn't seem to have made the list -- it may have first hit bookstores after this list was compiled, though. In fact, all his books are quite good, and most are intriguing narrative non-fiction.
ooh, I went to the bookstore earlier today and they had A Short History of Nearly Everything in paperback now... only $15 bux cheap, go get some. it's like sex, only longer.

did I just make two references to having sex with books?
god, i need to get out more... to non-book establishments...
The best books I have ever read are "The Talisman", by Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman) and the sequel to it "Black House".

Also, the classic "To Kill A Mockingbird". EVERYONE should read that book at least once.

Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" and "The DaVinci Code" are also superior books.
who moved my cheese was good,,but the greatest salesman in the world is also awesome

greatest salesman is good self visualisation and self affirmation book,,,must read,,,plus its just an hours read...hehe,,,just like cheese
Bookface posted a awesome book list! Shocked Shocked Shocked
I like to read 2001 - A Space Odyssey when I am free...
At this moment I am reading - Candide, Voltaire.
The Lord Of The Ring collection, these books will take you into a complet different world and will creat a universe of its own in your mind...
they the university literature text.

EARTHSEA series.

Hallmark once came out with the movie, but reading the books seem pretty nice too : )
wow that list is huge. Notice how most the books have been made into movies! or vice versu...

This generation hardly just finds books and reads them.. alot of people see the movie first or hear of the buzz and then go out in read. makes sense I guess.
I me dont get me wrong im not complaining, just an observation.. its why they call me isaac effin newton.
Northern Lights ~ Philip Pullman.
Sabriel ~ Garth Nix.
Mirror Dreams ~ Catherine Webb.
Harry Potter ~ JK Rowling.
Star Girl (this is not as tacky as it sounds, aimed more at boys but anyone can enjoy it).
Any Terry Pratchett book.
Old Magic ~ Marriane Curly.
Tithe ~ Holly Black (This is the best book I have ever read - this is also the only book she has written for teens Sad ).

You'll find something in their to enjoy. Wink
Try the Shinning nice book...
as Bookface already said, I also recommend Tolkien - The Hobbit to you, it's quite short and very interesting book, I'm sure you will enjoy it Smile
I have just finished reading THE DA VINCI CODE - Dan Brown. It was a really good book, which kept me from cooking, cleaning, going online and also kept me from sleeping. At that rate, I finished it in 2 days, and my hubby was happy again Razz
linaghirxi wrote:
I have just finished reading THE DA VINCI CODE - Dan Brown. It was a really good book, which kept me from cooking, cleaning, going online and also kept me from sleeping. At that rate, I finished it in 2 days, and my hubby was happy again Razz

Yeah, I love that book.

All the Dan Brown series are great.
Dont' get whatever these people recomend. Wink

Get something you are interested in. Go to Borders, ask a floorman... someone who knows, if you're still clueless... because if you read a "recomended", it usually sucks. And you don't want to get bitter about reading.

I like Moby Dick. You'd probably hate it... so there.
Dont' get whatever these people recomend.

Get something you are interested in. Go to Borders, ask a floorman... someone who knows, if you're still clueless... because if you read a "recomended", it usually sucks. And you don't want to get bitter about reading.

Tolkien was quite frequent in the recommendations and I doubt he "sucks" for anybody. The same for a lot of the other classics. And that is the actual decision that should be done first. A classic or something new like Dan Brown. Then I would take some mentioned titles, hit the web and go to some online bookstores to read the summaries and customer comments.
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