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An Introduction To Insanity

Is this an interesting introduction?
Not at all. I was bored throughout the ENTIRE thing!
 0%  [ 0 ]
It was great! loved it!
 100%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 3

I am a simple human being, drifting carelessly through the vast voids of space. Void... I doubt that's the right word because, when you really think about it, nothing in space or time is void at all.

I am a female. I am a female living in the Northwestern portion of the United States. In a state of adulthood; despite my residency with my parents, five-year-old brother, and eighteen-year-old boyfriend.
In the words of Sly and the Family Stone:
We. Are. Fam-ily.
No sisters though. Just mom, dad, bro, boytoy, and me.
(My guy'd get a kick out of me calling him my boytoy.)

I am a pirate. I lost my innocence and last shreds of sanity beneath the gaze of the illustrious jolly roger: posted at the head of the main bed in a 1957 travel trailer.
And the scary thing is, I'm not making these things up ladies and gents. XD

I am NixNox. I am nineteen. I am a former resident of the airways (former DJ) and a former radio marketeer. Now, I work in agricultural retail.

Good lord I love it, but I miss my air conditioned office every hot day we have!
Come on, greet me. I dare you. Wink
I'm not going to lie to you, while I talk well enough to contribute to and occupy the forum productively, my main goal is to get a host for my website of more than 8 years- wild winds. I only have JUST purchased a domain for it and my previous host was highly uncooperative and ticked that I didn't choose them for my domain.
Hi dear friend welcome to the Frihost commmunity...!! Hope you liked all the forums..!! I am sure that you are really gonna enjoy your life through Frihost...

Now browse around thaough all the forums and keep on posting more and more..!! Have a nice stay...!!

Laughing Cool Laughing
Awesome introduction and welcome to the FRImaly. (FRIhost + Family. GET OF MY BACK PEOPLE, I am still working on it.)

-Nick Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Thanks for the warm welcome fellas!
I must admit, when an internet acquaintance of mine informed me about frihost I thought this was just too good of a situation to pass up!
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