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ireland cycling holiday

Cycling in Ireland

In 1992 we went on holiday in Ireland for the first time with a group of about 20 persons from the Netherlands. We did a cycle tour in the South West part and stayed in Youth Hostels. The country was poor at that time, the roads were very bad and the hostels very simple. Also the weather was like you expect in Ireland. On the other hand the country was still very unknown for tourists and the Cliffs of Mohair unspoiled and some monumental interesting sites were not seen as special by the locals.

The people are very friendly and the country has so much history and the country is not overcrowded and is beatifull to see from the bicycle. In short, we were hooked.

The few roads they have are narrow and are not flattened, which means you have a lot of hills to climb, but also a lot of fast gliding downward. The food is luckily not English and is sometimes very good. The behaviour of people is more like you would anticipate in the south of Europe, which makes it much easier to make contact. In ireland there is a lot of local music making, which is lost almost everwhere, and is really an experience if you can take part in it.

After the first trip to Ireland it took some time to go back, because of the children. We came back 3 years ago, when the 2 daughters were capable of cycling themselves. They also now automatically expect us to go there evey year, so they also enjoy being in Ireland and take the bad weather for granted.

The country is now rich, which means for us Ireland is becoming expensive. On the plus side that also means the country will not be overflooded by too many tourist and Ireland will keep their original attraction.

This year we did not use any holiday agency, but arranged everything ourselves, by making optimal use of internet and credit card. We start from Shannon airport and cycle with stops in between to Dingle. After staying there for a week in a holliday house, we go back in a similar manor.

What is your experience with this wet but beatiful country ?
It is very nice to be and to cycle in Ireland. I look forward to go to Ireland.
the trip to ireland is done now and it was a success.
Especially travelling via youth hostels and B&B's is a good means to meet other people,
allthough mostly not Irish. The hostel in Tralee was overcrowded in the weekend we were there, because of the bankholiday and we were put together with 4 others from Mongolie! We also heard the people from Rusia, because they took all of the kitchen with their large family, but it was nice to see.
I think there will not be many people doing it like we do and the Irish people I met could not understand why we did not hire a car instead. The B&B in New Castle-West "The Orchard" was the best. Our daughters were even taken into the kitchen to learn baking scones and soda-bread. This address was a real treat and cheap as well.
The weather of cause is very changible and sometimes wet, but the wet moment were rare and we picked up a tint on the skin. Only the last day it was pooring and we got a flat tire, but that happens.
i loved my trip to dublin!
it was so much fun.
i dont know ireland . where is the country?
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