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overclocking a processor

i have a pentium D processor rated at 2.66 GHz. i want to overclock it to increase the clock speed but i don't how you actually do it.someone help me
You need to enter the bios and find the feature that lets you modify the speed of the Front Side Bus (FSB). Increase the speed and you will also increase the speed of the processor. Be careful and increase the clock with small steps and watch temperature.

At a certain point the CPU will not run stable anymore, when temperatures are not to high and you are feeling daft, you can also increase the core voltage within the bios, to allow further overclocking. But I really recommend you do NOT increase core voltage. Your processor's lifespan will decrease.

And there was also this one thingy with Intel CPU's to prevent them selves from blowing up and skipping clock cycles. I don't know how you can see when it is skipping but you probably don't want it to.

And finally your motherboard may perhaps not have the features needed for overclocking your processor. Restricting you to the default clock speeds.
There are dedicated internet sites for this kind of thing with guides and communities. You'd be much better off googling for "overclock" followed by your processor name than asking on here.

Yep, for more detailed overclocking info, you should probably go to some overclocking site that teaches you in detail how to do it. Else you just have to go to your BIOS on startup by pressing the "delete" key (defaulted in most pc) ... then look for the option to change the FSB speed. Make sure you do it gradually and don't go increase it dramatically at once... check your computer stability after the reboot and increase further as you see fit.

Most computers can be overclocked to about 10-15% more without any problem. So for beginners, don't push too far. You will also have to know where your CMOS reset pin is by going through your motherboard manual as you might over-do your computer and it won't be able to restart correctly without having your CMOS reset to default.

Resetting your CMOS will mean you'll have to reset your computer date and time as well. Good luck.
My brother had the Pentimun D a few systems back and that system overclocked like crazy I think he ran it at 3.8Ghz or something. Here where I go, it is the Home of some of the world's most extreme OverClockers The link will take you straight to their basic to pro overclocking guide for Intel CPUs. Enjoy and welcome to wild world of overclocking.
do you really need to over clock cpus?

is there a big difference after overclocking?

Yes, it's a big difference. But I dont recommend that technique. It's risky, and you would crash your CPU's.
Overclocking is a great way to get more power out of the hardware you already own. And now more and more hardware company's are supporting Overclocking and even will cover any damage though their warrenties. I get about 50% Perforamce by overclocking my cpu, which means almost half the time to processes task, render video, and so on. It just matters what you do with your hardware. I personal focus on highend Gaming, recoding TV Shows, massive amounts of Files movies/photos/music, internet stuff, making home videos/DVDs, and running servers of games that we play at Lan parties that I run.
Check They'll help you and tell you (way more than) what you need to know.
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