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What are you doing this summer?

I don't have a summer vacation as my summer vacation won't be anything close to even resembling a vacation. I'm finishing up my third year of college, completing a bachelor's degree in biology.

I'm taking a few credits of coursework and I'm helping out with a graduate student that is working on a research project. I then have to work on a research proposal detailing what I will be doing this upcoming fall in the laboratory.

/end of the details of my pathetic summer

So what are you doing this summer?
meet in rio
I'm being an au pair all summer in Spain. I should probably be looking for an internship or something similarly sensible, but if I don't do what I'm doing now then I don't believe I ever will. It's not an entirely foolish venture because I am actually doing a joint degree in Spanish.

Anything beats last summer, really. I was just doing shift work as a waitress and in a shop, and that stuff is soul-destroying. I bloody hate waitressing.

I can't believe I didn't consider au-pairing earlier, though. I should have started the summer I turned 16 if I had any sense. It's a brilliant way to spend a vacation if you're not too fussed about earning lots of money.
There is no summer here, so I didn't take any summer vacation.
But now is my school freeday, because I'm waiting for my test result till next month.
I have nothing to do, just rotten in my home... Sad
I really have wild plans for this summer. They include::
1.Learning java se6
2.Learning python and pygame
3.Learning a bit of VB toshut up my friends who are VB fans.
4.To lears assembly, afterall that is where everything starts!
5.To go boling every week.
6.To catch up on lost.
7.And to be with my niece-she's 2 months old!!![/list]
Summer is always fun. We often go to different beaches all over the Philippines. I do love to travel, explore new different towns and places and discover something new. I have to reward myself by travelling and visiting new provinces here. I used to save more money and spent it during summer because it only happens once in a year and in a next few years, I have plans travelling outside the country and explore different places and its cultures. I need to save up more money then. I just hope I can do it by next year!
As i said before i m a B.E elect. & comm. eng. and in these summer vacations i have to complete my 6 week training
i'm on vacation in Imphal, Manipur, INDIA. phew the net is slow...

the guy in charge of the computer resigned and my dad appointed me instantly!! i'm in the office as early as 10am and come back after 5 pm/ no time for fun. Projects and time running out... work work work
I'll be enjoying the summer, moving halfway across the country, and training to be a teacher.
I have 2 courses to complete in the summer. After that I will graduate from the university. Meanwhile I will also do some personal projects, and play games, so I think my summer is gonna be fun. Smile
Still at school, but I am working on a website for someone which is taking up a lot of time at the moment. I also work at the local supermarket, so that tends to take up time as well.
Lets see. I am currently working for Northrop Grumman, its an internship.

I'm also going to school five days a week in the evening.

I don't think I will have a summer vacation this summer. I should graduation next spring and hopefully get a break before working full time.

Oh yeah, in case you wanna know, I'm studying engineering, systems to be exact.
I want to go on a trip through italy, but miney is the problem here.
I will stay in home because damn illnes cought me Sad

I had big plans for these holidays but like some people say: "shit happens" ^_^
We are in the Southern hemisphere so we are having winter, but then again our winters are not much worse that a normal British summers day unless it is a heat wave.

Winter really starts around the 21st of June although there is a nip in the air. We usually brag about the two weeks of winter we have because that is about how many really cold we have, cold I mean Zero Celsius.

We have the added advantage that we have Blue Skies in most of our winter and we can feel the suns heat, I was in Toronto a few years ago and it was s-18 Celsius and they made a big thing of the sun coming out, the only problem was it was still -18 Celsius, here when the sun comes out it can get as high as 25 degrees Celsius.

We hardly ever have snow where I stay near, Johannesburg, but we did have snow last year, the first time since 1981.

So for Christmas we have sunshine and usually spend it around the pool the average temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius and we normally get good tans.

Enjoy summer, what is really great is your scholars get about three months of holiday to enjoy summer, here in Sunny South Africa we have two, three week holidays and a summer holiday of around 6 weeks, usually December to mid January.
Well, I'll start to accomplish old goals. First, I'll write an article for a local IT magazine. Second, I'll travel to a city that I don't meet before. And, finally, I'll rest so much because my routine is killing me. Bye.
This summer me and my family are going to Ireland for two weeks. We will hire bikes and cylcle through a bit of Ireland. From the airport Shannon we will cycle to Dingle. Not in one day, we will stop at hostels and a bed and breakfast. After a few days we will reach Dingle. We have rent an appartment in Dingle. We will stay there for a week and cycle in the environment of Dingle. After that week we will cycle back to the airport. In the rest of the vacation I won't have to do anything Smile.
I think I have a very sad answer for this question: this summer I'm struggling to get a job. I am a Romanian in UK and nobody wants to hire me. I have 6 years experience in my field and, in 8 months in London I worked only four...
This is the first summer when I don't like the holiday: in the holiday nobody will analyse CVs... who will offer me a job if everybody is in holiday?
I'm writing up my thesis, and trying to learn basic computer science on the side. I'm hoping to be able to use computer science later, but that will take me a long time.
I'm working in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT with the Spoken Language Systems Group working to create different software that implement voice recognition. It's pretty awesome. I'm learning a lot. Other than that, just working out and I'm in a play, Dirty Hands by Jean-Paul Sartre.
Goin' to Glasgow this year, planning to work out those stickly arms, work my arse off and make some money and have some fun. I already have a room rented, just need to find a job, but I hope it won't be a problem, cause even if I take a min. wage job, I'll still be makin' lots and lots of money (to spend on my girlfriend, of course Smile )
Ah, summer work....

There's the school assigned work, which isn't so bad, given that it's the last time I'll ever have to do it...until college. I think I should be able to do that reasonably quickly, though. Then there's the money-getting work, that every high school student tries to do. Unfortunately, all these places I seem to apply never like to call back, so I'm left unemployed. So what am I doing this summer? Studying...
I think i am gonna go work at my uncles coca cola factory =D 15$ a hour >>>>>LOL make some cash over the break.
I'm learning VB. I was not VB guru before Razz . By the way, I'm going to visit Malaysia for business purposes, my employer told me that, but I'm not sure if this will succeed or not.
I'm gonna be working to make money, And working to finish high school. I'm behind and I'm kickin myself in the butt for it. Gah!
Currently doing some Background extra work for film/TV. It's been fun for the most part. You meet a lot of cool people in that line of work, and you meet some crazies, but it's all good in the end. Cool You guys can probably get to see a whole second of my head or hand in some of the 2009 movies, so be on the lookout Wink

I'll be starting my second year of college in August, so I'll have plenty of work by the time summer's over. Other than that, I'll probably go to Europe for 2 weeks if I get my passport done.

I'm gonna learn to program PHP and try to make a website. Also I'm going to Bulgaria for 2 weeks =D
Well ... My vacations. Let me think...

July - I'm study and write my engineer work. On the end of this month I'll have my final engineer exam ... after that, the vacations will start.
I'm thinking about few days on the sea ... maybe on camp/tent Smile Of course Lake almost every day (I have something like 20min to one lake, 30min to another ... and 40 min to two more - nice choise).
And in the middle of August I'll have ten days Capoeira Camp with 3 brasilians Smile After that I'll have whole september to search for another shool (after engineer there is somehing like mgr. in Poland - it's two Years of study more).
In summary ... only a little vacations ... a month or a little abowe...
But HEY - thos will be my last vacactions in thys type. Next one it will be Job and only few free days if I take them ... well real life Smile
Just signed a contract with a web design company and will be doing that through september!! Yay for me. I am looking forward to it!
In this summer vacation, I go to pazhani a famous temple in tamilnadu.... it was a nice journey... it is 3rd time i went to pazhani
I have no summer holiday, I have to work 5 days every week, so!!!!
This summer I achieved my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I worked a lot on my thesis topic, did my presentation and finally graduated Wink
Mrs Lycos
This summer ..Hmm...
I think i am:
- going to the beach with my brother and friends (fun)!
-Studing Mysql and Algorithms (in the next year i need to now a lot of thinks so i am starting to study)
-play the guitar and my piano
-take care of my sisters (maybe)

And.. i dont know lets see what happens then. ^^
I am planning to modify my site to more ad. friendly. I am also planning to study mysql in detail to handle more situations in my site
I have no idea what my plans are...possibly work, possibly summer courses. I hope to do both but its hard to find a job...not only do I battle the economy, but I can't do a job that involves standing (I pass out if I stand too much).
i don't have plans yet on what to do this summer....probably, we will just to go the beach for sometime, go malling or maybe driving all over in our town...exploring new places and discover something new...i wanted to go to hongkong but my pocket isn't ready yet.....
Im joining Go Green and will be planting trees all across Canada, they pay for all the traveling, fixed pay, aswell as bonuses for every tree planted. ( I think it's 6 cents per tree/yes it adds up.) Any canadians interested in partaking in this check your cities local unemployment office for details.
I am planning on finding a job, and until one comes along, spending some much needed time with my kids since it will be the first summer that I have NOT had classes in four years!!!!

Hope you have a great summer!!!! Very Happy
Sit at home wondering what to do, like every summer it seems. T_T
working every day at the farm...thats it
Well, I'll finish my second year of study on soc. anthro. this summer... Basically I'm going to use my summer transcribing interviews for a PhD student who'll need them in the early autumn. Fortunately this is really flexible work time-wise, and I'm more or less able to make it fit with whatever other plans that might come up...
I am spending my summer vacation preparing for MBA entrance exam and learning Flash CS4 + Action script...

I wanna build a new web gallery..
I'm sailing. A LOT. Luckily, I'm getting paid for it. Yep, I do love my life.
summer is ending over here. and all I ever did this summer is work. I didn't even get to go swimming or go on vacation.
hopefully i get a lot of camping in, a lot of riding the motorcycle, and make some extra money doing side jobs.. thats my focus.
I haven’t still decided if I’ll go to vacation. I can’t go somewhere, to the seaside, for example. And I would really like to, I need to change my environment for at least few days.
And staying at home for more than just a few days is killing me. I don’t know what to do, spending summer at work may be the best solution for now… Crying or Very sad
i am out of work. i wish i could find a decent job so i can pay off my loan.
I work, so this summer i'm going to be working hard BOOO Laughing
Hmm, I have some plans, but nothing really serious yet. I'll be going to Cologne and Croatia for a week each probably and certainly spend loads of time at lakes Cool

My last summer holidays by the way.
And I'll spend my hollidays at work most the time ... but I like my work btw (webdev) Smile

Ofcourse I'm planning to take a break ... week or two and go somewhere ... Sea maybe Smile
Aah! Summer vacation. The most fun time of the year, and some days the most boring. Razz

1. Working in the gym. More muscles!
2. Finish my website, I created 6 months ago...
3. Do my vacation job. 2 weeks => money.
4. Go to Rock Werchter & some other summer festivals.
5. City trip to Paris (with Thalys train) and one to London (by Eurostar Very Happy)
6. Clean up my messy room.
Hi all,

In last year summer vacation we have a family tour to Pazhani temple in Tamil nadu.

In this year, I was busy with Exam valuation for a month. then comes vacation classes for a week

After that some little time to relax.

We family go to "Malayatoor Pilgrim Hill" . It was a fine trip, that evey one enjoyed it.

On the return way we step down at "Athirampuza water fall"
For my second summer in Frankfurt I plan :
- recover from my injury (fifth metatarse broken)
- enjoying sunshine on my Balconny
- creating this new dance piece in Mousonturm
- still researching on this somatic aspect of the movement
- developing my web site on SPIP .... ahahah the most difficult part !
- visiting Ostsee and NordSee in Germany
- bagpacking ... or roadtripping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoyyy your vacation !
I'm working on my portfolio and looking for a job
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