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computer problem

When i turn on my comp i could just see the first screen then i don't see anything else. I'm not sure what is wrong with my computer. I thought that it must have been my onbroad video but then i installed a new video card and still the same thing. I try to reformatted my computer and installed a new window and all i see is the press any key to enter cd then i do it and i don't see anything after that. This is the first time that something like this has happen to me. I'm just now wondering if it might be a problem with the motherboard? Any suggestions would be helpful thanks in advance
I take it that you do see your hard drive(s) detected by the motherboard during the initial boot processes?

It sounds like your computer is seeing your CD drive as well since you are beinged prompted to press any ket to boot from CD.

You said you tried a different video card. Did you try a different slot on your motherboard?

Is your PC still under warranty?
Hello t_psy

I agree with crdowner. It could be a problem with recognising your hard disk(s), or simply the fact that you've formatted the system partition of the hard disk and not reinstalled Windows yet. Let's find out:

You say

I try to reformatted my computer and installed a new window and all i see is the press any key to enter cd then i do it and i don't see anything after that.

Did you succeed in formatting your PC's system drive? If you did, then of course you won't be able to boot your PC until you reinstall Windows.

Did you succeed in reinstalling Windows? My guess is you didn't (It would be strange if you succeed uin installing Windows and then couldn't start the PC OK!).

In any case, to reinstall Windows, you will have to boot from the Windows installation CD and follow the instructions. In order to do this, you may have to change the BIOS settings to allow booting from Cd's.

If you haven't solved the problem yet, please answer these questions so folks can tell just where the problem lies.
To check whether your HDD and CD drive are detected, Enter BIOS setup (typical blue screen).
To enter BIOS setup, you have to press a particular key just after power ON. That key various with motherboard model but is usually one of these---F2/DEL/F10/ just keep pressing all of them after power on.

If all of your drives are detected, then you probably have a problem with you computer BIOS. Its a ROM chip on motherboard which has bootup code burnt on it. Some times you need to reburn ....which seems like the case with you
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