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Sin City

Today I finally sat down and watched it and I really love it.Just the style and the story and the characters...I haven't enjoyed a movie since I saw Pulp Fiction or Princess Monoke.I like how it's done too(sorta similar to Pulp Fiction)but I don't want to say much...JUST WATCH IT!!! >.>
My favriote story is probably the last one(which I'm saying nothing cause it can be kind of a surprise)or Merv's story.
Anyone else like this movie?
WOW, what an awsom GOOD movie!! Ive seen the film 3 times already! hahaha
I thought it'd be a corny movie like all comic-based movies tend to be, but this one slapped the notion right out of me. It was brilliantly made, albeit overacted in some parts, but it was one of the best I've ever seen.
One of the best movies i've seen in awhile..the architecture of "old town" reminds me of a seedy part of the city I live in.
Definiately one of the best movies I've seen in some time. My favorite part was Merv's story, of course, but the entire movie was very well done. I will be buying this one on DVD!
Yeah I'd buy it on DVD but the DVD sucks.
Just a few trailers and a short behind the scenes thing.I bet they release a special edition some time in the future.I'll buy that one =D
Yes Sin City it's just a classic it's just done so amazingly well!, I loved it the first time I saw it...
I haven't seen it yet because I was too busy to see it in theaters. I'm going to borrow it from a friend though. I'll tell you guys what I think after that when I have something to say about it.
Am I only one who dont like thsi movie? Shocked
It`s so fantastic... Very, veru stupid story, stupid heroes... Like an old child comics. Rolling Eyes
This is one of my favorite movies. It is also the best comicbook to movie adaptions ever made. The movie stayed pretty much 95% true to the comic book. The lines, scenes, the black and black and white scenes, the sets. Extremely well done.

Monkeydog wrote:
Yeah I'd buy it on DVD but the DVD sucks.
Just a few trailers and a short behind the scenes thing.I bet they release a special edition some time in the future.I'll buy that one =D

From what I hear, they're going to release a special edition of Sin City this coming Decemember. Me, I'll probably wait for the box set as Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller(author/creator of Sin City) are making 2 more sequels.
The two things that shine out from this visually dazzling comic-strip adaptation is Robert Rodriguez absolute requirement to collaborate with someone else and the return of Mickey Rourke.

Much will be written here about the brilliance of the movie with its shimmering high-contrast black & white cinematography spattered with moments of vivid color, but my focus is on Rodriguez and Rourke. Ever since he blazed onto the screen with El Mariachi, Rodriguez has regularly disappointed with his one-man-show flicks. He writes, directs, shoots, edits, composes, makes the coffee etc., and most of his movies. The subsequent disaster was encompassed in Once Upon A Time In Mexico - a sacrilegious title in itself for the dross that it was.

It seems evident now that for all of Rodriguez individual brilliance, he needs a collaborator to fuse the magic together. And it is no coincidence that Sin City is a masterpiece of modern cinematic flair and narrative when Rodriguez allows himself to work closely with Creator Frank Miller and no doubt have best pal Quentin on hand to bounce and share ideas with. This is easily his best film so far, and his best since his other Quentin collaboration From Duisk Till Dawn.

With Mickey Rourke, we have the return of a hero. He was the man to replace Brando as the King. The fact that he self-destructed is an indictment on fame and Hollywood. But there is no question that Rourke was and remains one of the truly great talents. Had he died after his 1st 3 roles a la James Dean, he would be bigger and more revered than Dean himself.

Here, albeit with outlandish prosthetics to conceal his own, Rourke roars into the character Marv who vows to avenge the death of a hooker called Goldie, his scratchy whiskey-soaked voice narrating the scenes with a growling drawl that Willis, Del Toro, and especially the weak Clive Owen can only dream of.

The film is superb. And Rourke is back.
Innundated with ads, internet trailers and every movie rumor site pushing the movie to the limit. I'll admit, I was excited about the movie. Although I had the feeling, the exact same feeling I had whenever I picked up a new Sin City tale (I stopped at Yellow Bastard)... "Here we go, more of the same."

The cast hit first. No, wait, that's not true. The story of how Rodriguez got Miller to agree to making the film, with the short of Josh Hartnett and Marley Shelton, taken from a short of Miller's... shot with Rodriguez's own money... and showing it to Miller, who loved it and said yes.

Miller hasn't had the best experiences in Hollywood... although I can only think of two films he's worked on. RoboCop's II and III... and 2 happens to be one of my all time favorite sequels... so, eh, I don't know. I mean, I have no idea the troubles he's gone through... and it's too bad.

But, in the technical sense, they got it right this time.

In the technical sense.

The second was the cast. It seemed like everyone wanted to work on this film, because of the incredible look Rodriguez was able to capture. Super cool... I can't tell you how cool it was that Mickey Rourke got cast as Marv. That's about as perfect a casting choice as I've ever seen.

And, yeah, I dug it a lot, and I respected the fact that Rodriguez wanted to keep Miller's vision alive and fresh and crisp and exact. I think that's pretty greatm going so far as to quit the DGA so that Miller could have a directing credit. Fantastic. It shows a lot of guts to keep your vision straight and to not veer off for the sake of studios and the money-men.

My hat is 100% off to Rodriguez for that. It's how it should be.
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