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3d weapons

Here is some of my work for a game mod, I'd like You to rate it, I'm not really that good in modelling, I have maybe 3 years of experience (though I didn't model every day for the past 3 years, I had few a long breaks in the past 3 years). The game I'm making my mod for is called The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
I'm using 3d Studio Max 9

- Axe, about 15-20 minutes of work.

- Waraxe also 15-20 minutes of work.

- Mace 15-20 minutes of work.

- Sword about 2 hours of work.
Nice, I looks hard to make it?

Ghost Rider103
They are ok, but they could use a little more detail.

I suggest upgrading yourself to Cinema 4D (If you can of course).

Good work though, keep it up.
Thanks for the oppinions. Well the first three are really basic, because not every model for my mod is going to be cutting edge beautiful, some of them need to look rough and simple. But ofcourse I will add some that are really detailed.
These things are really easy to make, it sometimes just takes logical thinking to use the right technique to reach the desired goal and ofcourse some time, the more time You spend on this, the better the model.

I might take a look at Cinema 4d, I've always worked in 3ds max because I thought it's the easiest and gives the most possibilities with modelling, especially for games. But I'm always open for new programs ^^
Hey, I'm also a 3ds max modeller and I definitely think that you should stick with 3ds max instead of switching to a completely different 3d program. It looks like you have good modelling skills in 3ds max, and I personally think it would be better to spend time improving those skills instead of wasting time on learning the same basic skills for another 3d program. 3ds max is also still one of the leading 3d programs on the market.
Now to the models, they all look really good and if they got rendered in a better render, they would really look nice. The sword has been modelled very good and if you rendered it with something like vray, all the details would really come out.
Looking forward to the really detailed models, and hope to see them with a good render.

Btw. it looks like the axe has some vertexes crossing over each other at the bottom of the blade, maybe you want to take a look at that. (also could be some weird shadow I don't know).
Thanks for the feedback Trickster. I actually did try some of the other 3d programs such as maya, blender or some smaller ones, but none of them were as good as 3ds max. I will stick with this, but nonetheless I might try something new once in a while.
I think I will try to search for some better renderer, because the standard renderer doesn't offer much and I will keep trying to make more detailed models.
Okay well mental ray should be installed with 3ds max, so try reading some tutorials on that. I'm using Vray which gives some pretty nice results too (check my post for examples:
Hope that helps.
I play Oblivion so I know the game you are making it for Smile

Anyway, the axes look fine, I am assuming you haven't colored the haft yet since it should be a wood color, and nice job on the Mace ans sword. Good Work.
Models are looking fine...........though the axe has facets in the blade.

Try texturing them.........they'll look much better.
Nice verry nice

can you make a tutorial of the sword would be very intresting to see how you did it
everfine99 wrote:

WOW is that in 3D program or real??
cause it's look real!

and for the one who open the post:
i can't see the pictures Confused
Yeah, I can't see the pictures either.
i can only see the swords, but they look nice. great work
I can't see the pictures in the top post, but the duel blade swords (toasting forks?) look really good.

I'd certainly be interested in seeing a tutorial on this.
I am having the same problem as alot of the other posters, I can 't see any of the images on my computer. You might want to check on them and see what is going on.
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