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Media wiki help for 150 frih$ [Solved]

The person to help and tell me how to make the format as like in the images below will get 150 Frih$. I have tried to figure it out and I just can't.
The area where it says "Nina Jarvis".

You can download a powertoy from windows (only for XP i think) that resizes pictures with no qualtiy lost. Very Happy

The program speaks for itself. Smile

If you meant how to make the pic, that is just basic picture editing. If you mean how to make the box with the details, those are called Templates I think it was, and are defined by the admins of the wiki. They have usually a space for a pic, and a set of fields that are always the same (In this case Name, occupation, introduced... )

I tried searching on the formatting docs at media wiki but I couldn't find it, although I remember having read about those boxes in Wikipedia formatting docs, just search for them of ask in the discussion Wink
I don't want the image like that, I created the images.

In Media-Wiki I wanna make the template format. I just can't get it nor how to.. I figured someone has to know how.
Template format? I have no idea of what you are talking about, could you be more precise?
Urban wrote:
Template format? I have no idea of what you are talking about, could you be more precise?

The area where is says "Nina Jarvis" there is a certain wait you have to do it. possible an extention but I can find it or figure it out. It's like a template or something. That is probably why I can't figure it out.. don't know what it is.
Silverdown, it's a "simple" template edit (in mediawiki it's called skins and there is a folder with that name)

if you want to see the behind the scenes from that page (html wise, the rest is mediawiki engine i guess you already have it):

with Firefox:

-> navigate to the wiki page you have in the pic (you could have provided the link...) and right click on the background.

-> Select "View Page Source"

-> in the code you see the base html (which should be related to the index.html file under the /skins/<skiname>/) of the page.

-> search for "<table class="toccolours"" and you can see how they did that box you wanted. It starts on that exact table.

Now, for editing your template to add this... this is a whole other business....

if you want to try it yourself check and start from there.

Be Well Cool
There is some sort of editing tag I completely forgot about that whenever you insert it (If you have already configured it) it will display a box like that one.
Now how do you setup those templates I have no clue, but as I've said, there is information on that subject in Wikipedia, try looking for it, or asking a moderator from there...

There is a way to do it from your wiki, without having to upload anything extra
Thanks Bockman, I was looking for an extension .I am not familiar with Media Wiki. I didn't think HTML would be the answer. Sending the 150 Frih$ THANKS AGAIN! Very Happy
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