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Designing an estore

I'm working on a website for my eshop. As this is my first, I've been doing some research. I'm surprised at the number of tables used for layout. I thought that tables were frowned on for page layout. As a dyslexic I've worked hard to learn how use divs and css or layout and I feel that by using tables I would be taking a step backward.

Can anyone tell me if it's normal to use tables when designing websites for eshops
You DEFINITELY don't have to use should always use what you find the easiest to use. (in my opinion). Tables for layout is not good "practice" though.

If the information your showing on your website is what some people call "tabular data" then tables might be a good way to show this. There is nothing wrong with using tables for tabular data - and actually tables give you a couple of good advantages, namely automatic column width adjusting to data and equal row height shared between columns. This is doable without tables - but much harder.

Here is an example of tabular data

[name]      |[age]      |[email]
Bob bobson  |45         |
Tom Green   |33         |
Lukas Høgh  |19         |
Kitty dude  |69         |

Obviously in a estore you often have tabular data - knowing how to use tables is something you'll benefit from (so if you don't know then, learn them). Then when you know how to use them, you can always decide whether they are good for any given situation.

I hope that helped.
Thanks LukeakaDanish, you've been a great help. I learnt how to code tables when I first learnt html, it was the standard form of layout used then. I'm going to have a good think about layout now, what I want to achieve and the best way to do it.
Tables should be used for that they are made for.. listing data and other similair stuff.. but a layout for a site should as far as possible always be done in divs and css in my opinion Smile
Azmo wrote:
Tables should be used for that they are made for.. listing data and other similair stuff.. but a layout for a site should as far as possible always be done in divs and css in my opinion Smile

I agree with this. In fact I thought that using divs and css was the norm these days, that's why I was surprised when I found that shop fronts were layed out in tables.
Tables are for tabular data. True.

Other suggestions for your eshop:
Make it easy to navigate. Try not to put barriers in the way of your users. Basically, don't have any flash intros or things like that. People don't care about those. Also, put your specials on the homepage.

Don't make them remember a password to get back on to browse. People don't want to remember a bunch of passwords.

Make sure you are serving an identified market.

Provide lots of product info.
I do a lot of online shopping, and your right about flashy intros. I've also been looking at other sites which sell crystals or shamanic products, which is what I'll be selling, and I've learnt most about what to avoid. My favourite site is I love the clean look of it and the ease of navigating. I'm not so sure about having so many new windows opening up.

I'm hoping I'll be able to have the products menu as a php include, although I've been advised to have the home page as html for the search engines. I'll have to give this some more thought.

I'm not sure I agree about no password. I am required by law to show my trading address
and phone number. As I'm working from home I don't want this information available to everyone, just my customers.
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