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Play in a Band?

I wonder if someone of you play in a band, and if, please tell me what instrument and how long you have played and so on.

I play in a band, Group Four called (please comment the name:D), I play guitar and we mostly make covers of Metallica songs.
I don't - unless you count guitar hero?

BUt I do have lots of freinds that do.

Portland is pretty big on the music scene.....
we got a lot of cool local bands...

I'm goin' to see me some smoochknob tomorrow night -
it's a super hero themed show - so ya gotta wear super
hero/villan gear - gunna be awwessoommeee
yes i do i used to play as the bassist for THC (the higher class) who has currently changed their name do to trademark problems with a clothing company. now im starting a new band.[/url]
I'm playing the guitar, MIDI, mixing and singing in a band called Pseudorandom.
I play guitar in a metalcore band in Chesterfield, Michigan. The link to the myspace is in the signature. If anyone in the area is interested, we are in need of a drummer.
I hadn't been in a band for a coupe years, but just joined a new one this weekend Smile We seem to do stuff in the vein of gritty modern rock with some riff rock in there too, in the vein of C'Mon, Headstones, The Ditch Pigs, White Stripes and the like.

I'm the bass player in the band and have played for about... 13 years or so.
Razz I'm working on it. Getting there eventually.
I played in a band in the early 80's.Loved playing the drums and singing backup.I played for 3 yrs. in a band.Nothing like it especially when you play on stage with screaming fans and the women falling at your feet at the end of your gig.Loved the old days.Now I am 43 but still play a bit but not in a band.
Tried guitar a little bit but the drums are my instrument.
I play drums in a small band Wstecz (meaning in english: Back). Played covers as far but we have prepared few songs - not had any time to practise together though.

Also like to play guitar sometimes Smile
nope, not yet.
but ROCKBAND is the bomb! =)
so is guitar hero.
I've been playing guitar for 11 months now (classic guitar) and I've just got electric guitar. I might be forming a band with my friends on October (you know - first rehersals and all). We have two guitarists (counting me), a drummer and keyboard player. We don't have bass, and we don't have vocal either. Might as well a position to me. Well, I'm still at the first steps to form a band. We have a name and almost complete squad. Only bass to find. Vocal is not that hard (but using your voice is hard, because not everyone can learn to do that).

Still, I believe I will succeed with my band. We will start off with a few abbreviations of songs (with keyboard added to it). I don't know what our style will be, but we will see. Some good covers to start the whole thing. And oh, we need to practise at home, too.
I used to play in a band in middle school called Warning Label as the drummer. Then our lead guitarist passed away from diabetes that he didn't know he had. Then we played for a while as a three man band, with our rhythm guitarist taking over as lead and the bass taking over his spot. Then, we got a new bassist and our lead got a new girlfriend and needless to say, things fell apart.

Now I play drums for my church and lead for the youth praise. Things are steady now, to say the least xD
I used to play guitar in a dement rock band, and I stopped after one year.. but now I regret a bit because we were too much strong Very Happy
I am a vocalist (which I have done now for 6 years) and I also play piano (which I have been doing for 10 years) in a band entitled Garden of Stone (name has been also copyrighted). Currently we only have 3 members and 2 or 3 unsure members (we have no idea what's going on with them). We have 2 vocalists, and 1 lead guitarist. We want a drummer (somehow we have two, one played for over 14 years and is excellent, but not dedicated and the other played for 3 years which is o.k. but actually is but he doesn't have a drum set.) We have a way of getting a bass player, but currently we don't have direct communication with him and he is kind of young we think. We have already recorded in my room where I bought about $1000 worth of studio recording equipment and it's going nicely, but we're using midi as for the drums and bass... which feels pretty pathetic. But once we find a band we'll play at our high school (we're seniors) at a talent show or something similar to that effect...
I play bassguitar and a bit of electric guitar in a indietronica/postrock band.
I used to be the lead singer of a band, but we broke up when all the members moved out of the country. Razz Currently looking for a new band, but it's taking a while. Still doing my singing thing, but more at karaoke than anything else right now! Laughing

Recently bought myself a guitar, though, so let's hope we can learn to be fairly decent on that soon!
nuzz3 wrote:
I wonder if someone of you play in a band, and if, please tell me what instrument and how long you have played and so on.

I play in a band, Group Four called (please comment the name:D), I play guitar and we mostly make covers of Metallica songs.

I never played any of the cool instruments. I ran sound for a group in college though Razz
I've played in a few small school yard bands in my time, but never anything big or long lasting. Now I'm out of school I've started playing with some old friends (Guitar, back up vocals), and it looks like we might make something permanent out of it. I'm hoping so because i would really love to break into the local music scene and have some fun with that.

I've been playing guitar for about 5 years now, and the main music i play is punk and rock Very Happy
hello dudes.

now i ill tell you my story, hoho.
i started playing the piano when i was 7 years old, first classical piano, then jazz, and when i was about 14 years old i learned playing the guitar by myself. the first band i plyed in was a kind of school band of the institution where i took my piano lessons, there we mainly played jazz and blues nd stuff. then i joined a metal band, called "savagery", where i played the lead guitar (though the other guitarist is a bit better than me, but he was also the singer and so i had to play the lead stuff..) then after two years of the "schoolband" i quit, because the people there wer.. kind of.. ahm.. well. and nearly a year ago i joind a rock band called "the digestives" where i play keyboard and lead guitar (and i am still in the metal band) yeah, that was my band-carreer so far. so far so good.
I been playing bass guitar for like 2 year and been in a band with my friends the past year. Our name is Khaler we have a myspace and stuff and im actually trying to start up a website on here sometime soon. check us out,
I used to, the band was called Hyrmthopsy. The band was going to be melodic, which was not our purpose when we first talked. We were going to be death/black metal band. But hey, we played Iced Earth Very Happy I don't play in a band now, but i'm open to any invites Razz
I've been playing in one band once. Well, maybe 'playing' is not a correct word, because we weren't using any instruments... hehehe Wink Anyway, we had one album and it was quite funny.
MUSIc is great
Basically Music is my job and my Hobby. My job is a live sound engineer. I spent 4 years out on the road with various famous, not so famous and tribute acts.
I play guitar in a rock band called "The Divide", We are just about to start mixing our second album.
I have started, by force, to play guitar again... I played for 20 years but our guitarist quitted and I got to play again... Im doing good! I usually play the pedal steel guitar.
I was once a bass player of our college band. I played bass for 3 bands.

1st band I played for 4 months, 2nd band - 1 year, and 3rd band - 1 year and a half. My career highlights back on those days were (all of them were with my third band):

1) Performed very well in the elimination round in a battle of the bands in our university we ranked 4th in 18 bands.

2.) Performed pretty badly on the finals of the same battle of the bands (As in BADLY all of us were pretty upset).

3.) Did a front act performance on a concert of a local professional rock band. (The feeling was so great. Hundreds of people were watching and cheering on us)

4.) I left the band.

So that's how my career went. I was happy to played on a band. Too bad we never shared the same passion for excellence. If only they were passionate about our band, me and one of our guitarist would never have left.

I'm not in a band, but here's my little sister's "band". She and her friends, only one skilled at ALL in playing, were bored one afternoon and decided to record some stuff and post it to MySpace... it's so baaaad. Except Crazy Train Wreck. That one is fun.
I play in alt rock band guitar for 3 month. Now we already have 4 songs but We didnt recorded a shit yet. But when we will i sure will let you know.
Now I'm hosted, I can give the link to my bands site

and this is my "day job" if anyones interested....
Don't know if this counts, but I make all the beats in my band projekt deth =P
I play in a band (locally) called MicroMatrix. I do keyboard, drums, guitar (not all at once of course) and lead vocals. We're not bad but I think we need some time before we can do anything big.
I wish I could play in a band Sad
But I can't play an instrument Laughing
I'd like to sing in a Hardcore band though, would be fun Mr. Green
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