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Your Favourate Mmorpg :D

Soo what is it?
What is your fav mmo or mmofps?

Tbh id say either last chaos or runescape or cod 4 would be my favourate online games

So lets hear your opinions!
The only online rpg I've ever played is Diablo II. Fun as it was, it took too much time T_T

Now a lot of my friends are playing WoW...must not get into that, then I'd get no work done.
I've recently started playing WoW again, but I'm trying not to play too much until school lets out at least (one more month!)
Right now I play a lot of games, Diablo II, World of Warcraft, Tibia, Open-Tibia (My own server), Counter-Strike... Actually, I still have time for Guitarplaying and american football. Smile
I'm trying to stay away from these mmorpgs because they eat your brain like Ctulhu Twisted Evil
I like to play simple games, like Civilization, or NHL, or else. Then there is a hope that you wouldn't jump out the windows imaginating yourself a kind of superhero.
R.O.S.E Online << Best.
Runescape {I hate it now, but loved it back in the day}
I could never really get into wow. My brother really wants me to join him in it but it's just like: eh, a few million people have already done this done that. What's the point.
My favourite MMORPG is Silkroad Online. I playing it 2,5 years and it don't boring me. I got to know many nice people here. Much people speak, that Silkroad is bad game, which have lags, bots and frequent dc. They have right, but one can be accustomed to this. If anyone played this game and off this after the hour what can know about Silkroad. This is game for patient people Razz
I've only played Ragnarok. I've seen people play WoW and Lineage.
Dofus is my favorite mmorpg. My feature is that you can "build" your own sets (but u have to have a brain), and there is dungeons and stuff which are also fun.

It is very time consuming, If you want to get to lvl 100+.
World of Warcraft is my favorite MMORPG right now. I have a level 31 char on Archimonde Smile
I like DOMO. ^^ The people there are really nice, and since you can combine jobs.. awesome for me XD.
The only good MMORPG is a dead MMORPG. *Leers, spits*


Kingdom of Loathing is pretty fun.
Runescape ...

It's the only one which I do well in Wink
You know Gunz The Duel is also a fun online game if you know how to do the moves. Its mostly based on glitches though.
For online game, I'm play Knight Online
Scions of Fate is probably the only one I enjoyed playing. I didn't play to be the best or be the richest in the game either, it had other stuff like creating your own house and whatnot. I quit though because like all MMO's there just grind.
It could only be runescape, because the other mmorpgs take too long time to get into.

But runescape still needs an update with the graphics. Perhaps they should make an application version of it too that syncronize with the applet.

Then they could have better graphics with less lagg. Very Happy
Diablo II, World Of Warcraft, and Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst
I played silkroad and I did enjoy it, besides the lags and almost always overfull servers... But it's a really interactive game.
I also played a little of Rappelz, it has really good graphics but the beginning it's too slow and after some time I did gave up because I didn't have so much free time Sad
As you should notice I only play free games Razz
no contest i find
Dofus !!!

i don't say it's the better game in the world (lot of are not mmorpg)
but Dofus it's a first class type and for me >>> the number 1 ! Embarassed
hofodomo01 wrote:
The only online rpg I've ever played is Diablo II. Fun as it was, it took too much time T_T

Now a lot of my friends are playing WoW...must not get into that, then I'd get no work done.

Diablo II was surely one of the most epic rpgs I've ever played too.

Another one of my favorites would be Nox. It was a game that appealed a great deal in my eyes. It had fun online multiplayer player versus player and other aspects to it were good too.

My last favorite would be Guild Wars because that game appealed to me the same way Diablo II did with the 8 players per party and or game. It was fun having a small group of people within a party be able to go out and explore the world. Instead of other mmorpgs where people can just crowd around you.
i enjoy to play Helbreath


The basics of Helbreath include player versus player (PvP) combat, leveling, questing and socializing.

New players begin as a neutral traveler in the Beginner Zone allowing them to familiarize themselves with core mechanics of gameplay. A player may not exceed level 19 until obtaining citizenship in either Aresden or Elvine. Once a player has gained citizenship, they may choose between status as either a Civilian (enemy town members can not attack you however monsters can attack), or Combatant (enemy and monsters can attack you). This choice will reflect their PvP status amongst other players in the world.

For the first 19 levels, a character is given gold every time they level up to help them out. Each level gained allows the character to increase their stat points, which determine their skill levels. Upon reaching the maximum level of 180, it is traditional that the player will receive a special-issue set of gear, otherwise known as Dark Knight or Dark Wizard equipment. This gear can only be equipped by the player that earns it. The character is also given a weapon or wand depending on their stats, this item can be upgraded with Majestic Points. Majestic Points also allow the person to get other items and change their stats.

Helbreath's standard chat filter is afflicted by the ****** problem.

Helbreath has an open player versus player setting, allowing and encouraging enemy Combatants to attack at-will. When a player kills an enemy combatant, an Enemy Kill point is gained. These points may be eventually exchanged for Hero Armor. Like Dark Knight or Wizard items, Hero armor may also only be equipped by the one that earned it. It is also optional for combatants of the same nation to attack each other. However, if a friendly player actually goes through with killing another friendly player, a penalty is incurred by the offending character being given a "criminal count" and being made an enemy to everyone until their criminal kill count is 0. Killing people from the same town gives "negative rep" which has an impact on righteous and kloness weapons.

"Civilians" are players that will not be afflicted by PvP attacks, "Combatants" may openly engage in PvP with any enemy combatant and fellow town members. "Heroes" are players which have killed a great number of enemies. They receive special armors as a reward.

"Crusades" are full-scale wars between every player of both nations. Some servers such as Helbreath USA do this weekly. The objective is to destroy the shields protecting the enemy town while building a base in the Middlelands (map) to create a "meteor storm" that attacks the enemy town. The winner is determined by the town that successfully destroys the enemy’s town.

"Castle Sieges" consist of 3 battle grounds that alternate. Battlefield, where both towns are against each other and have to destroy the enemy’s buildings before the other town. Castle, where the winning town from the previous week has to defend the Castle map from the attacking town.
ikv and pointblank
I really like Planeshift also if now i'm not playing it anymore. I'm waiting they develop the game a bit more because when i played it was very small and the economy was a mess. The players and the devs are very nice and actually most of the fun comes from them.
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