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Computer bios or GFX Very long 1st post

hi every one and thx to any one who trys to help me

system specs
motherboards Years of service: around 5-9 years
OS: XP SP2 WAS fully updated
safe mode possable to use
GFX: nvidia geforce 6800 WAS fully updated since october 07
Ram: 1gb Rimms
HDD: seagate 80GB Reformatted to see if a virus was present
Bios: can't tell what version atm (read why below) but reseted by a jumper

so here's my problem about about 3 or 4 days ago i was playing a game normally and didn't see anything wrong untill the computer decided to restart suddenly (glad it was a online game so no need to save).
after it restarted my moniter starting flicking to a black screen then back on which at 1st i checked my cable and moniterspower supply which nothing was wrong so i restarted the pc after which it worked.
when i got back onto windows i started playing again for it to crash and lose signal with the mon and play some sounds in bits going on and off so i reset the pc (powerswitch wouldn't work) which takes me to the current problem.
when i reset my pc the boot screen showed aload of $ symbols and horizontal lines of dots above and below them (can take a picture of it if needed) also typing words wrong lets say instead of ram it'll put rwm.
the computer then crashes like the 2nd time i was playing a game just without the sounds after the windows loading screen so it stops me going on windows now so i'm forced to reset andgo on safe mode which thankfully i could.
when safe mode loaded i decided my GFX drivers maybe corrupt so i uninstalled them on SM and it got me on normal mode windows but when i reinstalled the drivers the problem came back making me think virus bios or windows so i formatted the HDD which failed and reset the bios both failed.

that's about the jiff of it can any one help me?
sorry about the REALLY LONG post
Crying or Very sad

Bios BIOS version P10 (MV85010A.86A.0025.P10.0203282158)
If its always happening when you are gaming, it probably is the graphic card overheating. it can be becouse the cooler is broken, but also possible that u are already using it for a long time and there is a lot of dust in it, so u should clean the inside of your computer. If u dont trust yourself enough to open the computer, ask someone to do it for you, or else go to a store, what will probably cost you money.

I think its the Graphic card because everything is with the monitor, and you do hear sounds, if this doesnt work, try replacing graphic card cooler, and if that doesnt work, try replacing CPU cooler
Although I'm confused if you are able to get into Windows at this point. If you are able, even for a short time attempt to download SpeedFan. This detects your computers temperature readings and displays them. Don't worry if some readings are in the negatives, this means that it's unable to read it. This program should show you the CPU temperature and even the card itself (may be called Core), this can also be checked in your Nvidia Control Panel.

If you've tried switching back to your onboard video, that being if you have one which you should, and the problem still occurs then your mobo may be dead.

If the temperatures are very high, currently mine are around the 30's with AC and three fans, then your card is overheating. This can be fixed but just opening up the case and let the air out. If you have a mini fan, even a housefan, let it blow air into the opened case, it will work a lot. You could also go out and buy new fans and replace the current ones, your current ones could be dead, and they're fairly cheap. I just bought a new one two days ago and it cost me $21. Make sure you get the right sizes as well. You could also think of a heatsink as well.

Good luck. Smile
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