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same as other sites?

i've recently made my own site on, only to realize that 100mb of bandwidth doesn't go that far. I heard that this was a very good site for free web hosting, so I have a few questions.
1. Does it have an online web builder like freewebs or geocities? I don't know how to make a website with HTML. Also, would I have to use something like filezilla if there isn't a web builder?
2. Can I transfer what i've already made onto this site?
3. (this goes along with 1 and 2) If I can transfer information, but this doesn't have a web builder, can I just use freewebs to make it, then transfer it to this?
I would appreciate any answers a lot. Thanks!
1. Unfortunately no. You can use a few WYSIWYG editor and then upload the code to Frihost, but Frihost itself offers no such software. Well, FileZilla is just used to upload files, not to code them.
2. Absolutely.
3. Well you could, but the coding is probably really crappy. You can either learn to code yourself, or use a program (FrontPage) to make your pages. (Although even FrontPage has poor coding) Or as a last option you can ask for somebody on Frihost to code for you.
i don't need anything really fancy, so as long as the crappy coding doesn't make the quality of the graphics look worse, it should be fine. However, it the WYSIWYG editor is easy to use, and it's free to use, it should be fine to use. However, i think the there may be a problem with my internet and firezilla. Does it matter if we have at least one firewall and a proxy server (i've had plenty of problems with connecting to things through the proxy server). Thanks for the help.

*edit* Okay, so WYSIWYG is only free for 30 days, but can you just uninstall and then reinstall a new version right?
Well I'm sure you can find a free downloadable one. Or you can just use freewebs's. (if it gives you the code, that is.)

The firewall shouldn't be a problem if you just give internet access to port 80.

Not sure about the proxy server stuff though. You'll have to wait for someone else to reply with help on that.
ok thanks. The proxy server may have been the reason why when I tried filezilla on another site, I got the 530 error-not able to connect to server.

*edit*the WYSIWYG shouldn't be a problem-I found a very good open-source one
Freewebs doesn't let you use their coding. Why would you anyway? The templates are used at about 500,000 other sites anyway.
you can also upload files with the webinterface.

You can download a free template from a site like and edit that.
Thanks, but I don't think i'll be needing it. I've been reading and watching stuff, and I think I get how to use the WYSIWYG program well enough, including how to make templates.
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