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Who beat GTA 4 and how long did it take you?

Took me quite a while, how bout you guys?
Havent beaten it but got to the 3rd island. Its a fun game. I play to much multiplayer.
It took me about a week to finish the main story. I took my time playing the game though, explored alot of the city and hunted some pigeons and looked for ramps. Right now I'm just playing multiplayer and doing acheiements. The last time I checked I was around 86% game completion. I sill have around 100 pigeons left to kill.
Took a week or so, I did a lot of random crap along the way.
I spent my hard earned money on it, but I havent been able to keep my interest in the missions long enough to get anywhere =(
I rented for the weekend, but it lost out to Army of 2, which was more fun.
Took me about 4 weeks to complete it, it was a great game and now I got the percentage as 100% Smile I like the game and still play multiplayer. I now play San Andreas again, it is really funny with the jet packs and what not. For the next GTA I think rockstar should use the graphics of IV but then the funniness of SA. EG: Jetpacks and Planes. That would be the ULTIMATE GTA!
saw some glitches and it was pretty darn funny. XD GTA 4 looks interesting but I haven't got around to touch it =S
Still waiting for it to hit PC before I can attempt to. I've never completed 100% fully any of the previous GTA's but i'll probably try my hand at this one if it keeps my interest for that long.
Took me about a week for me to complete it, and that was with plenty of mucking about. I spent a little time on the multiplayer, but I was constantly being disconnected because of lag. Spent lots of time exploring all the easter eggs. There were definitely more in GTA:SA. That was an amazing game.
when i got to the 3rd island, i stopped playing missions and just killed random people and stuff Razz
The first time I played it, I did all kinds of side missions and screwing around. It took me around 40 hours to complete, theres just so much to do. Kept me occupied for a solid couple weeks. My second playthrough I did solely to get the LIberty City Minute achievement...I think that took me about 16 and a half hours.
Sold mines after doing 3 missions...I grew out of killing people and stealing cars.
It took me about 20 something hours if I recall. I got really sick it and skipped all the cutscenes.
it took me 30 seconds to download a savegame... so technically i completed 100% of the game in 30 seconds
ouch --- download a saved game Smile

I'm still struggling - on the 2 big island... Hm, Isn't there 4 islands where one is small?
I think I have half the game left...

I turn out to be a copkiller every other time I start that game... It starts with that I see a car N wonder if a could shoot them without leaveing a trace Smile)
Last time I was stranded on a contruction bridge - the chopper came time after time n I just shoot cops so they fall into the ground ... I ruch to take their gun and it started over again...
finished! 14 days sharp. My eyes are strained. Ill sleep now for a day or two..
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