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Gday all,

Just wanted to announce the beta launch of my newest website

Many people submit articles to article directories as a means of promoting their website or product, building a brand, or becoming recognised as an expert on a particular topic. There was always one problem with most article directories though - They are ugly and far from user friendly. Granted most people only post to article sites for the backlinks, but why shouldn't those links also generate traffic for your sites?

A few months back, I was looking for a good article source and had a bit of trouble. Most sites I found were based on the same script and although they had a lot of articles, it was difficult to locate good ones on a specific topic. You might've had articles in those directories, and I could have ended up at your site, but the bottom line is, I couldn't find your article. is designed to improve the user experience for both article writers and those people looking for a good read. This has been done by starting from scratch and adopting and entirely tag driven experience. Essentially, I've taken the best aspects of common social bookmarking services, and merged them with the traditional article directory format.

For those of you who don't write articles (and let's face it, we're not all cut out for it) article directories are a great source of quality content for your blog, web site, or email newsletter. At ArticlePlot, I will do my best to ensure that you're not forgotten. The best articles will always be the easiest to find. There are also a number of features in the works to make finding, sharing, and using articles as easy as is technologically possible.

As this is a beta launch, there is a number of features still to be implemented, and if you want to keep updated on them please feel free to register, and make sure you tick the "send me updates about the site" check box.

Also if you do experience any problems or have any suggestions, please PM me or post here.

Nice design! I love it!

Embarassed But there is one problem: the list of posts on your homepage is hard to understand. I don't know how to say in good English... But the tags and who wrote it under the introduction of a post had the same font-size and color as the introduction. There should be a difference between those two.


the content is not to my tatse so i will only comment on the design.

I think its all a bit too busy. I like the branches at the top but the fact that they go halfway down the sides of the page aswell is a bit distratcting. It would be less so if they only grew down the length of the header section and were feathered in as they came to an end.

The Random Tages section is way to busy. As a cloud variation it means thet the words will be scattered randomly which in-itself is difficult to read at times but this design makes it harder to read due to the backround tree swirls. I'd loose it completely or if you really wanna keep it change it so that the brown swirls are 30% opacity.

The vig Votes button is a bit too big and brash. It kind of suggests a tone of "oh look at me and how great is this" rather than just displayiong the info of what its supposed to do.

There are no picturtes. It looks dull and boring becasue there are no images. For each article you should have at least one image. Without them it looks drab.

Sorry if that seems harsh - jus giving some food for thought.
No thats not too harsh.

Thats exactly the sort of criticism i'm looking for.

Thank you very much for taking the time to write it!

I guess I'll look into what I can do about what you pointed out.

Thanks again,
I like the design, but I think smaller fonts would be more viewer-friendly.
Its fine the way it is right now, but I think it will look better with smaller fonts Smile
I don't agree with you. You don't always need pictures. Take a look at the Digg site for example!

You increased the readability! Great!

Other points:

  1. Random tags: Some of the links are above each other. That looks not proffessional.
  2. The main navigation: It might be nice if you move the main navigation a big to the right or center it. The 'home' link seems to be placed out of the 'header box'.

That's it for today. ^^
I really like the look of it. Very original. I will post an article as soon as I can think of one, it will most likely be about charity. I need backlinks just like everybody else Twisted Evil
Silk - Are you involved with a charity?
Yes Richard, see my website, Just a little something I'm trying to build. Except the "little something" has grown into a giant time eating monster consuming my every waking thought. Laughing

I was thinking about submitting an article on the unusual way that my charity will procure funds and supplies. There's really not anyone else who's doing exactly what we're going to do. Some that are close but in MHO they don't have it quite right.
It's certainly an ambitious plan, and in theory it works. I congratulate you on putting in the effort - you don't see too many people online trying to start their own charities.

I just don't know about people making money off the charity, I'm of the school that charities should be run not-for-profit - but I can see how a small commission could really increase the cashflow of the charity and therefore the amount of food/help that the charity could give to those who need it.

Theres not much I can do to help your charity at the moment, but let me know if/when you write an article and i'll make it the subject of a social bookmarking campaign and hopefully you'll get some flow on traffic to your charity website.
Thank you Richard. That would be awesome! I will definately let you know when I submit it and I'll do my best to make sure it's a good one. If I bang hard enough on my brain I can usually whip out some pretty good prose. Shocked
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