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Since when have you been hosted?

I just felt like making a topic and saying:

"WOOO HOOOO Cool Laughing "

Frihost is now hosting me, and i am very happy once again. (I have said thankyou in the official thankyou thread)

Here's the actual topic:
So now, when did YOU recieve your hosting, and what were your plans at first, did them plans get followed through, or did you switch to something else, and finally has it been a success?
I applied on Sunday 4th May 2005 and was accepted the same day by Bondings. Great service from a great guy!

My original plan was to have a Harry Potter network site. I'd already started but wanted to expand by adding mods to my forum (previously invisionfree) and do some coding using PHP.
My site went fairly well. I added the forums, mods, an interactive section, topsites, site awards, fan writing section etc. I had many members and got lots of hits. Its still half-alive now with the new updated every one in a blue moon.
I never quite got it as large as I wanted though and never got any where near the number of bugs creased out of my code.

Sirius Black's has been a semi-success in my opinion. If I had entered with smaller ambitions, I'd say it was a huge success.

I also toyed with other ideas. I started the Frihost community PHP project, creating a new CMS. Unfortunately, everyone got busy (including myself) and whilst it progressed, it went slow and then came to a halt.
What exists of FriMs is a success, but the project as a whole is at the moment a failure Sad

My main success from Frihost though is having learnt PHP/MySQL. This is all down to Frihost providing a free place to host these files, something for which I think I shall be eternally grateful for.
Wow this topic is a nice idea!!
I had my hosting somewhere in May 2005 (well 3 years from now and I still own it!)
My plans were to make a webdesign N flash website. Also a photoblog...
The web design site was deleted somewhere in 2006... and the photoblog at the end of 2007.

Now I keep my hosting to save my some files that I don't want to lose.
FRIhost is really great! Never had trouble since 3 years!
Just started a little bit ago. Trying to get my "quality post count" up. One at a time!
I don't really remember when I requested, but I was accepted around a week later by mathiaus.

My plans were to make a website about book reviews, considering my passion on reading. Although it seemed like a very wonderful idea at first, I slowly began to understand that with my simple HTML coding skills and horrible graphical skills, that site wouldn't go anywhere. So I dropped that idea and after many days, requested a subdomain change to my current, and unfortunately inactive, blog - Sarat's Web - The Web {B}log

As far as success goes, however, I don't think I have been very successful. Sad But I am happy to have been with such a wonderful community all this time and gained (hopefully) some experience. Smile
Wows, seems like alot of you have been around for a really long time, and have sticked with Frihost, obviously they must be doing something right to keep people happy for 3 years. I don't think anyone could really complain, its great FREE hosting. Without a doubt, this is the best free hosting site i have ever come across, and that is my honest opinion.
I'm hosted from today too))
The reason is that I've had very bad quality of posts for a long time and now I've improved it a bit when I had improved my knowledge in English)
I've been hosted since around late may 2005.
Hosted continuously since my join date, although I'm considering switching to either paid hosting or another free host because PHP has been neutered (no includes or requires from other sites).

FriHost has worked well for my little pet project, and overall it's been a good setup.
I forgot when they started hosting me, but it was very soon after I joined so it's been about a year and a half now. I love frihost webhosting man. It's free and it hosts my blog and my project websites so well. thankss
haha; i actually don't remember. it has been a long time - i will make this post and then check my stats on the side of it - haha!
Well there it is!

"Joined: 18 Jul 2005"

So i guess in July I will have been here for 3 years - WOW!

I think we should find the average of times here and see the distribution... is it growing faster than before? we can find it out on our own...
Wow that's pretty old Tony :]
FriHost also host me. I also want to say THANK YOU FriHost...
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