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How to film what i see on my monitor

Klaw 2
As the question says:
How can i film what I see on my monitor, of course with software, not by using a camera and filming my screen, but with software (screen cap or something?!?!).
Do you know some software?
Oh. Use Camstudio..

It works really well and it's free. Though your mileage may vary. You may get a bad framerate.
You can always use fraps, but thats only useful for gaming. Fraps has great quality picture and sound. However the free version only lets you record for 30 seconds, This isnt really a problem if your putting a bunch of clips together
Camstasia is a good one as well. I have used this is the past for producing training animation files.
google is the best solution ot ur problem. spend a quick 10 minutes and u will come across with loads of freeware and sharewares. good luck
There are 3 programs that I could recommend to you.

1. CamStudio - If you are just going to record you doing something on the screen like installing an application or something in Photoshop use this. - Free

2. Fraps - If you are going to record games this is what to use. - Not Free but around $20

3. HyperCam - Allows you to do both I think. Someone made a tutorial with XNA using this technology. - Sorry no price (google it)
aah i was looking for a similar good free software .
Thanks Very Happy
I've got a bunch,

GameCam - For capturing videos while gaming
Camtasia - i use this for any tutorials i make.
Fraps - Another gaming one.

And i got a few others i cant think of off the top of my head.
Klaw 2
aningbo wrote:
google is the best solution ot ur problem. spend a quick 10 minutes and u will come across with loads of freeware and sharewares. good luck

the point of asking to know wheter itis any use you can download the very first one but maybe there is spyware attached to it or something, or just completely useless.
Another great software is Wink:

Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software (like a tutor for MS-Word/Excel etc). Using Wink you can capture screenshots, add explanations boxes, buttons, titles etc and generate a highly effective tutorial for your users.

Really good tool for doing presentations, tutorials, screencasts. Not suitable for capturing gameplay Very Happy Wink
you can use Hypercam - it`s shareware, in the free version your films are watermarked.
but you can choose which part of your desktop (pixel) should be recorded, you can also choose the windows which should be recorded. Quality is adjustable.
I'm really interested about this. When I'm watching video tutorials, I'm curious how did they do the video.

To all, thanks for the info....
I was also looking for it a while ago and somebody suggested JING. I downloaded it for a few tests and it seems all right. It has been developed for instant messaging, but it can also be used for creating small tutorials. The major drawback is the five minutes limitation for videos. You may save the videos in your computer or in the web (in a specific page determined by the developers).

There are versions available for Windows and Mac. So far it's free.

Why don`t you try it out at
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