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More dieting...

I actually prefer not calling it dieting, it's just a change of eating habits. I could talk about this indefinitely, but I will limit myself to a few principles:

1. Keep the engine going. Think of the body as a furnace that needs fuel often but not too much every time. Those of us who live in cold climates know what a stove needs for optimal results. It doesn't do much good if you let the fire burn out, leave it for hours and then chuck in a day's worth of logs. That's what I used to do to my body. No wonder things went the wrong way!

2. Stay off sugar during the week. In Norway we have the concept of saturday candy, which is a little portion of sweets that the kids eat in front of the television on saturday evening. They look forward to it all week, and that time is the only time they get anything sweeter than bisquits and fruit. It works, until they are old enough to go shopping for themselves. I have this tradition so much imbedded in me that I find it very natural to save my treats for saturday now. My blood sugar is much more level, and I cope better with fatigue.

3. Choose wisely for dinner. 1/3 meat or fish, 1/3 vegetables and 1/3 rice, potatoes or pasta. Not eat too late, not use butter-based sauces etc.
Nice. When dieting its also important to keep up with it and stay dedicated to it.
So, what should I actually do for the first step? Cause I don't really get it... Should I eat like several times a day?

I'm gonna try the Saterday sweets. It sounds good, and I have a problem of not beeing able to stay away from sweets during the week, so maybe this will help...

Thanks for the information!
I have lifelong experience of diets. If I have lost weight for longer periods it has usually been for the following reasons:

1. I have created a mission for myself. I.e. moving to a different country. Or falling in love. Or loving a job.
2. I have created purpose in my step. Instead of trodding a path. I am driven.
3. My self-esteem is higher, without even being aware of it. I am too focussed on where I am going, and what to do when I get it. Doing spring-in-the-step stuff.
4. I have lots of music playing everywhere and am enjoying it to the point of wanting to dance around and doing side-kicks
5. I eat regular meals and get regular exercise, as tools, not end objectives. I then tend to get out much more doing the walking in lots of fresh air, scubadiving, visiting with the fishes and the birds.
6. I tend to be more focussed on my objectives than on my diet. Along the lines of eating to live, rather than living to eat and self-destruct.

Usually when the moment presents itself for getting stuck in, I go for it. At the moment I am too engrossed with all the wars with my enemies to pay enough attention. Probably need to slay a few dragons first.
One, most important thing missing: Physical exercise..
Hey Guys,
I have a BMI of 26.3, but not big bulit or fat. I think it is mostly due to the bone weight. According to BMI, it says Im obese.

I tried variety of dietary foods like reducing chocolate consumption and lessening my alcohol intake and eating less fatty foods.

I even started eating more fruits and veges. But still maintain the same BMI.

So, now I'm planning to do some exercise. Is there any results by doing it while continuing my diets.

Need some tips on it.
Sensible eating habit+good nutrition+control stress+exercise , don't make it too difficult.
In my experience it is best to do activities that you love to do and that fits as normally as possible into your life, otherwise I loose interest after a few weeks, and then it completely defeats the purpose. For example going to a gymnasium has never worked for me. At my most disciplined I have managed to keep it up for a few months, and then the monotony of it all just gets to me.

I find that if I do a few stretching exercises of 10 minutes every day before my shower in the morning, it gets my metabolism going. I also find that walking works well for me. To get it off on a good start I usually do it regularly at set times after work and maybe an hour after dinner when I have rested a little and my dinner has had time to settle. Then when it gets past the stage of focussing on it, I try to incorporate it in my daily chores, i.e. instead of driving, walk distances to do small shopping or errands. Sort of fun to get to know the route to shops by foot instead of driving.

Whatever is your fancy however. Maybe there is a sport you like, or you want to take up diving or something fun that teaches you new skills so that you become completely unaware of it. Water sports can be really much fun, skating or skiing, maybe biking.
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