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More from the evil Microsoft...

So, apparently MS is not only blocking links on their IM service, but they are finding new ways to tick off potential customers by placing constraints on manufactures of cheap/affordable laptops. MS forged a deal with many budget PC manufactures where significantly reduced copies of WinXP Home are made available for the PC - as long as the manufactures agree to limit the functionality and features of these notebooks.
I don't know where they think that they are going with policies such as these, but IMHO, they really seem to be putting the nails in their own coffin. Basically, the struck this deal of providing affordable XP in hopes of deterring people from using Linux. Seems a bit ignorant, as Linux doesn't impose any such limitations. If anything, this will drive consumers to purchase the notebook and wipe off XP and reinstall with Linux - thats what I did.

Agent ME
Its not that the operating system is reduced - the agreement is that they sell XP for cheaper if that laptop is not very powerful hardware-wise. Still a strange plan on their part.
Face it, a low-spec laptop would have trouble running XP anyway as it is so resource-hungry. The performance would be dire. Would you pay a premium price for something that performed like an snail on barbiturates?

Some of the functionality of XP would need to be cut for performance to be anywhere near acceptable. Commercially, it makes sense for MS to say that such reduced versions of XP can only be used where there is a need for it - to whit, on low-spec machines.

As for switching to Linux, yes that's a solution for some. But remember that the average PC user knows Windows and nothing else. To them, Linux is a strange world where they fear to tread.
People are uneasy to change...

And besides I think that to successfully run a linux system, at least one of the user has to have some knowledge.
As far as Linux being drastically different or scary in comparison to Windows - I think that argument is just about dead. With Ubuntu, notably the Hardy Heron release, installation, setup and maintenance is just about as easy (if not more so) as Windows XP is - and is easier than Vista. Especially if you are not trying to run dual video cards or some other advanced setup...
Sure, there are some driver/hardware obstacles that need to be worked around occasionally, but this is especially true when looking at Vista - which has horrible support for non mainstream hardware drivers.
Concerning usability, Ubuntu is pretty intuitive - and likely, anyone who cannot look to the top left of the screen instead of the bottom left of the screen to launch the applications list likely should not even be around a computer to begin with (location may also be changed for those afraid of change). I have personally switch 7 people over to Linux from Windows: 2 40-something year old women, a retired man, and 4 twenty something males and have had no complaints - truth told, I have had fewer questions out of them then I did when they were using XP. After you point them to ubuntuforums, all questions are answered...
See, I am a computer technician by trade with a BS/CS and A+ cert, and have been using and working on XP machines since XP came out - I am not saying XP is bad, actually I like the OS, but I am saying that MS is lacking in the usability and innovation dept - especially if you compare it to recent releases of Ubuntu to recent releases of Windows (aka Vista)...
Now, with this said, opinions are like a-holes and mine probably stinks just like everyone elses Smile If you haven't checked out Hardy Heron though, you should - its free and risk free... and for those scared of partitions and such, you can actually install Ubuntu Hardy Heron from within Windows as if it were an Win application - it will just add Ubuntu to the safemode windows menu and you have full hardware access!!!

I would to change soon for Linux because I have too much problems with Windows.

Vista is not a progress I think
Agreed ... this is definitely another thumbs down for Microsoft. Where I am we are still on Windows XP, yet when I go out to buy a laptop I have not choice. Most laptops only come with VISTA. I do not want VISTA at this time, as I would like them to work through all the bugs first. Also, I would like at this time to have the same operating systems at work, at home and on my Laptop. Cannot understand why I cannot have my own choice of what operating systems software to be loaded on a new laptop.

Somehow I am not sure whether this is only Microsoft, possibly the manufacturers of the Laptops need to have a point of view too?
I have Windows Vista Home Premium and its slow as a snail on a racetrack. Hopefully I tweaked it by disabling a few services and now it runs a little faster. my laptop has 1 GB RAM but people say that you need 2-3 GB RAM for Vista to run fast and I can't afford to buy RAM. (If you had 1 GB of RAM with XP it would run like a speed demon). The next time I buy a laptop, I'll buy a Macbook Pro and I recommend you to do the same. Wink
Well this is going fairly off topic now. More commenting on Windows Vista should be made within the appropriate forum. Thank you.

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