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Goodbye Frihost

I was first referred to Frihost back in 2006 by this thread (or specifically LostOverThere). It was just what I was after. Ad-free, Free and plenty of space and bandwidth. My year (or so) of search for a host was over. I ended up signing up on the 19th of March, making my first post here 3 days later.

mathiaus accepted my request 6 days later (on the 22nd) and from there I started work. The first thing I can remember doing was setting up phpBB and themeing it. The site, GazGames was originally going to be a place where I host my games, and hence used the sub-domain Well that idea never took off, and I ended up being the 9th person to request a sub-domain change in August. I purchased my first domain later that month ( and the idea I had for that also fell through. I created my first blog on the site, not for me, but for a friend in September and ended up re-branding it to Garion's Blog (at which you can find it today at

Throughout all of this I stuck with Frihost, one of the longest time's I've ever remained with a webhost. I continued posting here throughout all of it, spending most of my time in the suggestions forum, but occasionally stepping out and going to a different one for a change.

During January last year, I signed up for adsense for my blog. In the 15 months I've had it, I've made just over 13 dollars - all thanks to Frihost (who let me use advertisements). Then in May, I started a new project movopia and I continue to work on it to this day. I purchased the domain in August along with re-newing the gwplus brand for another year. I still have hopes of getting movopia finished sometime this year, but I've just got to stay focused enough Razz

Something happened during January this year and I must have forgot about Frihost. I returned to it just in time to revive my points (I was hovering around 0) but somehow I haven't been able to fully recover. It might have something to do with the extra school work I have this year, or the lack of interesting topics to post in. But none-the-less I still kept (trying) to return here.

It was out of luck that I stumbled by a topic on Whirlpool today, advertising free webhosts. I found an all-Australian owned and hosted site, and although they had not-quite as many features of Frihost, I still applied. I was accepted, and am moving to my new host shortly.

So I would like to use this post to ask that my hosting account be closed. But more importantly I would like to thank Bondings for 2 years of excellent hosting. If Frihost was hosted in Australia and I had a bit more time on my hands, I would still be hosted here into the future. But, unfortunately I have to move on. There are some fantastic moderators and admins here, and I would like to thank them below:

  • Animal
  • mathiaus
  • mOrpheuS
  • James007
  • Vrythramax
  • Daniel15
  • tidruG

There are some I've forgotten, and so I apologise if you're not on that list

I may still drop by here in the future (I've got 900 points to give away Wink and a couple of promotions I'd like to run for movopia) but for now, I won't be active. Thankyou once again.
- Garion
Nice last post. It's a shame good members like you leave our hosting. Posts written as good as this one are becoming rare.

I'll ask an admin to delete your hosting. I hope you'll keep posting here once a while?
I would like to see you here again. Very Happy
hey although you are leaving, we would like to see you sometimes at least if not regularly
It's been an absolute pleasure having you here, Garion.

Good luck with your Movopia and your blog. You are a very talented web designer and should be very proud of yourself.
Even though I seriously don't know you at all, you seem like a cool guy and I would like to say good luck with your new arrangement. But seriously, lol did you have to write a book as your last post? Kind of cool though, I'm not going to lie, I'm surprised that you still remember all of that.
You linked me and made me #2 in your 'nice mods' list so I like you Razz

I hope you enjoy your new host and live long and healthy Very Happy
mathiaus wrote:
You linked me and made me #2 in your 'nice mods' list so I like you Razz

Puh, jerk.

Frihost is indeed a brilliant host, and I'm sure Garion will still continue to tell people about it.
Can I re-request to cancel my hosting please?

I know that I can have points in the Negative, but I hate seeing the little minus there (I'd rather have 0)

garionw wrote:
Can I re-request to cancel my hosting please?

I know that I can have points in the Negative, but I hate seeing the little minus there (I'd rather have 0)


The points are usually reset to 0 (if below) after an account is removed. I'll remove it in the next few days (unless I somehow forget it and you'll have to remind me about it Wink ).
Sad to see you go, mate. I remember you as being a really good member here.
But I know what you mean about the lack of time, considering I'm facing the crunch as well, due to college and all other reasons.

If Bondings doesn't delet your account, I will do it myself in a few days.
I wonder those leave without saying bye. Garionw, this "Last Post" plus several others are and will remain the most memorable posts on Frihost.

I hope this will not be your last post forever, I hope you'll get back someday, when you get the chance to...

FriHost deserves the honor of the best FREE webhosting alive.
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Goodbye Frihost
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