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Just out of curiosty

does anyone dislike the 360 as much as i do?

Its loud (so, so vry loud) , it breaks, its worth **** all second hand, and the controllers are crap and uncomfortable.

just me?
yeah dude, i thinks its just u

pure bad luck
Yantaal wrote:
does anyone dislike the 360 as much as i do?

Its loud (so, so vry loud) , it breaks, its worth **** all second hand, and the controllers are crap and uncomfortable.

just me?

I don't dislike the 360, but I do frown on some of it's design. First of all, it IS loud, runs hot, and has a large power brick to my dismay. It does have one of the worst failure rates of all modern game consoles. And Xbox Live isn't worth a subscription fee since Nintendo and Sony is offering online play for free. Before anyone argues, "But it's not as good as Xbox Live, I want to have Bill Gates' babies." I'd like to remind people that PC gamers have had it for FREE since the beginning of online gaming and it is well-kept and dedicated servers are much better than Xbox Live--I would like to use this time to say Games for Windows Live is a joke and I'm not going to pay a subcription for what I've been using for free since I've been playing computer games. In addition, the community on Xbox Live is mostly made up of little kids who have anger problems and in need of some discipline. And lastly none of their games really support 1080p (but I don't care because my TV doesn't support 1080p)

However, the 360 does have the largest library of games and has many AAA titles. Microsoft has made smart decisions to keep their software in top shape by making deals with Rockstar, Mistwalker, Square Enix, and Epic Games. Their controller is a lot like the Xbox's refined controller, so it actually feels comfortable in my hands; I have no problem with it unlike the OP.

So it's not just you, they have their ups and downs just like Nintendo and Sony.
I've never played on an Xbox 360... I've also only used an Xbox once. I just sorta dislike it because it seems like... out of place? Microsoft already makes computers, and computers have games, so they have no reason to make a gaming console. On the other hand, Nintendo makes gaming consoles, and I buy them, but I don't think I'd buy a Nintendo computer. I'm not sure about Sony, because they just seem to make everything.

Reminds me of a picture I saw in Motor Trend, where Lexus was testing out their name recognition in some other country so they opened up a "Lexus Fried Chicken" restaurant. It was funny, because it still had their logos in the window and everything, but I'm not sure if I'd eat there.
Yes it's loud. Yes mine RROD'd once already. Yes I think it's gonna fry again. Yes it freezes like crazy. But at this moment in time, it has the best software. It's a love-hate relationship with me. I can understand your hate. Even though it's pegged as a shooter console, it has more variety than the ps3 and wii do at the moment. Unfortunately it's built out of crap (despite being very powerful).
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