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I'm disappointed

In this very night i have seen my teacher talking to the girl i loved alone on some where. i felt really disappointed about that coz it did make my heart almost broken. I had bad night meres all the night and i couldn't sleep even in some seconds because i was feeling sad. I really don't know what they were talking about,but i heard the guy laughing loudly and she was talking like she was hiding her voice. It was in the corner of the school so i hurried outside with an egg on my face as i knew that girl never talked to men alone coz she shy alot. she really broke my heart.

What should i do. Crying or Very sad
Dont u think u r overreacting?????
talk to her.
maybe they were just talking about something,
but nothing you should worry about.
your over reacting to the situation just what i did to myself don't even now what there talking about and being sad is just madness on your part....why suffer if you dont even now what your suffering for. Talk to her and if you can't, then observem gather information and judge the situation, don't be pushed by your feelings towards her.
So the "girl you love" was talking with someone and laughing and that broke your heart? no offence but you have some serious issues...

FOr starters, is this girl your girlfriend or just someone you like? And secondly, even if she is your girlfriend, she can talk and laugh with other people...Dont you think your being a bit possesive
and werent you the same person who was head over heels in love with someone off the internet and you didnt want anyone else?

Re this topic

So umm...yeh... ?????
hey buddy, you do overreact... the same happened to me but I knew what these girls were doing cause I have seen them kissing other guys or even knew they had sex... But this is herteacher, of course tehy are talking to one another... Maybe this girl is not shy at all but she has a very different mindset from most of the prople at your high-school and she's maybe more confortable talking to adult people. you have to talk to her, now that you know that she is not shy, don't be shy yourself man Very Happy talk to her and you'll see if she has something with him, ask her casually like: Oh and do you know anything about that teacher, he seems like bvla bla bla... oh and hey I even saw him talking to you last time, what is he like? what did you talk about?

good luck!
erm....does this girl even know you?

sorry if I come over as rude.
Is this a joke?
Dude you need to grow up, sorry if you think im rude, well im not. what a thing you love a girl you dont even know, and then you have a problem of she talking to a boy. I guess you would have commited sucide or killed her if she was kissing or having sex with him. Dont be childish, the first is that you should tell her that you like her, or just start having small talks with her, show some signs of maturity, make her friend. i mean this is long you need to be first be freiend with her. Go ahead have your peice
Yep, could have been talking about something funny or who knows what. Never get jealous over someone just talking. Maybe it is better to just talk too.

It is ok to get a crush on someone. Just try to let those feelings come out in a nice way. They should not bother your sleep or make you feel lousy. If feeling do make you upset you sort of have to observe that happening and then do something about it. Ok, it hurts but what can you do about it. Just try to think nice thoughts and it will go better.

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If you ever get this girl, how will you react if she talks to guys? It's perfectly normal to talk to boys. Teachers too. It seams that you have a problem with jealousy that you should deal with before entering a relationship.
What's the problem with you? It's a normal situation and you wouldn't be upset for that.
It's all about hitting puberty I guess, and being able to cope with ones own inner demons, stuff like envy and all that. You either fight the stuff or it gets you and ruins the whole love, relationship and well, everything. I'm trying hard to cope with this stuff, and sometimes it really gets me, almost to the point of breaking up, but I always think that 'hey, I love her...' and just wait it over and it passes. However, talking is important, one of the most important things in a relationship if not the MOST important.
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