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Please Help Cyclone Victims In Myanmar (Burma)!

There are reports that the death toll in Myanmar due to Cyclone Nargis can top 100,000 and about a million homeless. I was there in Yangon (Rangoon) when the cyclone hit and it's the most scariest experience of my life. The city was torn apart overnight and I couldn't recognise the neighbourhood. The whole city turned into what is worse than a war zone. Trees uprooted everywhere, electricity poles fallen on streets and cars, and roofs ripped off from houses. Water facilities were damaged and people are living without drinking water. This is only in Yangon, the former capital. Conditions are much much worse in rural areas. I would like request for everyone's help. Please donate whatever you can to the victims. Please think about the children without homes and some losing parents. Sad
Please, try and convince the government there to let us help. Everything is stuck at the borders!
The millitary regime in Burma is quite difficult to deal with. They are not allowing any US aids. US supplies are ready and waiting for the Burmeses authorities to give them a green light. I don't think US will be allowed to help.

They should all put politics aside and work together to help the people. The people of Burma need all the help they can get. Even with US aid, it's not enough for the victims. Time is running out. Diseases are spreading and people are struggling to survive. Most of the victims usually live on a day's wage. If they don't work today, they don't get to eat today. Now, after the disaster, they literally have nothing left to survive. Just their wet clothes and hope.
it's not just US aid that is not let in. they dont let anything in basically i think. and if they do, they SELL it to the people and put the money in their own pockets. its crazy how evil a person can be. and also they cross out the UN-, Red cross- etc, labels on the shippings and put their own names on there instead (the military leaders). Dude someone should just go in with some special forces and take out that regime, i wouldnt mind at all!
I have just returned from the collecting donations at a shopping centre for Burma Cyclone Appeal. We managed to collect a good amount of donations. Since the Burmese government won't allow supplies in, we've got people inside Burma (especially doctors) who are already in the independent relief missions. They have provided medical aid, food, water and support for the victims at the grass-root levels, under the radar of the Burmese Junta. The Burmese community here in Sydney are trying their very best to provide aid to the people of Burma who are in desperate need.

I would also love to see some special forces taking out the Burmese Military Regime. This is the only opportunity for the international community to "Free Burma". Go in now or wait for several more decades. They should at least provide humanitarian intervention.
I have just heard news that after the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's visit to Burma, the military regime have agreed to allow international aid workers into the country (after so many have already died from starvation and diseases, I might add). Anyways, it's a good sign but we'll just have to wait and see how much we can rely on the words and promises of the sly Burmese generals.

I have also heard rumours that the European Union (EU) have decided to press charges to the Burmese authorities against crimes against humanity or something along those lines. I can't confirm this news but I hope it's true.
I agree, how evil can people be. Is it as simple as "it's better to rule in Hell, than to serve in Heaven?" I hope the population there one day realizes the meaning of Revolution!
They've had a few revolutions already and the military suppresses them really badly. In September last year, they had Saffron Revolution (Monk Revolution) and the military just literally cracked their skulls and shot them. In 1988 there was a revolution and thousands of people including students were shot dead on the streets. You might still be able to find footage during that time. A lot of people were beheaded on the streets just because they were demonstrating. And the World Community just watched then. Many people around the world didn't even know about it then.
And yet we go into Iraq at the drop of a hat! I guess there's no oil there in Myanmar. It's disgusting!!!
Burma's still living in the dark ages.........violation of human rights to such an extent, even knowing that the whole world is watching.
They simply break all diplomatic ties, all kinds of external communication and maintain their dictatorial rule there. The people are helpless as they have nowhere else to go to.

It is shocking to see that even a natural calamity like the cyclone has failed to defer the attitude of the conniving and power-hungry military rulers, no matter how many lives are lost, how much property is destroyed, how deteriorating the health conditions have become.

Even if it points towards getting involved in another country's internal matters, it is high time the powers of the world united and forced the military Govt to set things right and give way to democracy. After all, it is for the cause of humanity, regardless of the matter being internal or not.
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