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70's punk

hay all, i was wondering if there are still many people who listen to "classic" punk, which, i guess, is always difficult to classify. i'm talking about bands mostly between '73 and '79, typically new york, la, and england. Not only is there a lot of great music, but, imho, punk is still the most utterly powerful genre. really destroyed a lot of conceptions about rock, pointed out a lot of flaws in the hippie 60's rock movement (ie misogyny) and reinvigorated rock. this is still basically the main genre of music i listen to and since it seems to mostly fly under the radar nowadays i wanted to bring it up. i'm curious to get a read on what, if any, of this music people listen to.

some of my favorite bands within the genre are:
dead boys (sonic reducer is one of the most powerful songs EVER)

new york dolls (more glam-rock, but essential to starting the punk scene in NY)

richard hell and the voidoids (check out the song blank generation. soooo good)

siouxsie and the banshees

x-ray spex (one of the most fun, has a sax, so it takes me back to my ska roots... also super-anti-commercial, which i love)

bad brains (a bit later, but one of the coolest bands i've come across. they are not only talented, but showcase their ability to play across genres often, which is great)

buzzcocks (always great)

ludus (a band i've only recently found and honestly they fall more into avante-garde post-punk, but they definitely grew directly out of punk. anyway, super-awesome feminist band. the lead singer, linda sterling, aka linder, played the last show covered in entrails in protest of the hyper-masculine part of the punk scene and at the end ripped off her skirt to reveal a big black dildo. wow. what a great statement. according to some testimonies the entire audience was absolutely stunned.)
I didnt think there ever really was a hyper-masculine part of the punk scene. Except maybe in horror punk (the zombies with big muscles attitude the misfits popularized) but IMO bands that try and push a political ideology (feminism, naziism etc.) are really restricting both their music and their audiance.

I Have been getting into a good bit of english punk recently although only really scratching the surface with the sex pistols and the UK subs (who I got to mix recently) as well as the buzzcocks, the cockney rejects and towards the more hardcore/Oi end of the spectrum the Exploited.
Yeah, I only really found the hyper masculine ones when I was doing research for a paper on punk and feminism. The Stranglers are probably the most blatant example. An excerpt from "Princess of the Streets":
"She's the queen of the street/ what a piece of meat"...
yeah actually most of their songs are pretty sexist. They were very much of the opinion that women restricted their autonomy. I think in the end that that strain was kinda a natural part of punk, since some of the defining characteristics of punk are it's love of shock and even offense and I still like the band, but they were pretty sexist...
I still listen to a lot of punk and Oi music, my ipod is full of it along with Ska and Psychobilly

Sex Pistols
Anti Nowhere League
Angelic Upstarts
4 Skins
Dead Kennedys
Sham 69
The Damned
****** Sparrer
The Clash
Stiff Little Fingers

I could go on for ever Embarassed
... bad brains!
i went to a live in brazil, recently.
they still rock!
im loving Oi at the moment, i have liked it for a few years now, as im only 20. But creaming over bands like ****** sparrer, argy bargy, 4 skins, The buisness, COnflict,

You should check out some stuff like Mad Sin, and Frantic Flintstones, or if you fancied some ska punk. the likes of Rancid. Best band ever i dare say
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