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which is the best?

which is the best > Xbox or playstation3 ?
I don't have either console, but I'm gonna go with the Playstation 3, because it simply has a larger variety of games. the xbox 360 has alot more games right now, but most of them are shooters, and for somebody who doesn't like shooters (me), the playstation looks like a better buy.
I love the XBOX and PlayStation a lot! Althoug I havn't played neither one of them in so long, I would recommend the XBOX. But it really depends on what kind of games you like to play more. I would recommend that you watch some videos of different games that are played on either system and decide which game system would be more fun to play. I love the XBOX and would chose that over the PlayStation, but I'm also not saying that the PlayStation sucks at all. They are both really cool so good luck.
Sorry but as a PC user I don't see a difference at them. The PC has allot of uses but those consoles are just for games so, I think games count more than the console for the player.
I think its more a question of which is the best for you. What type of games do you play? Usually one console carries more of the genre of games you like to play than the other. I'm a PC user though but If i was to pick it would be the PS3 based off the games they have in their lineup.
I think Xbox is better because of DVD, Games are cheaper than on Blu-Ray. Also I think there`s more games on XBOX360 and XBOX is easier to flash and download pirate games Smile
PS3 is way too expensive
If i cud, I wud go for PS3 for sure
I would have to say xbox360 because as said before the dvd also i like the feel of the consoles software. However had the xbox360 ring of death happen to me, sent it in and the service was good, cant complain. So go buy a 360!
i have noether but i have played the 360 and i love it so i say 360 > PS3
i think ps3 but it's so expensieve than the xbox 360
I would think it's a matter of opinion. And that's a really short topic post. Any opinion, TC? Anyway, no one's really convinced me one is better than the other.
It depends on what you like. Both systems are very similar with a lot of the same games, so whoever wants to get one of these systems will have to look at the exclusive games to decide which system is better FOR THEM. For me, it would be the 360 because of XBox Live Arcade. But I have a Wii and think that that system is the best for me out of all three systems..
At the moment, I'd say the XBOX is better. About a year ago I was in the position of which to choose, 360 or PS3. My g/f said she'd buy me whatever system I wanted. When given this opportunity I thought long and hard and found myself bouncing back and forth multiple times about which system to grab.

In the end I chose the 360 and I must say I am very happy with this decision. That's not to say the PS3 isn't a good system. Especially with the recent demise of HD-DVD the PS3 is even more appealing. You can't beat a Blu-Ray player AND a next gen console for about $500 especially when most stand alone blu ray players cost that much.

In the end it comes down to the exclusive games you like to play. A lot of games now are multi-platform which is great. Made the choice for the 360 easier since it too was getting GTA IV and had some very good exclusives (Halo 3, Gears of War, BioShock, etc.).

In the end it comes down to preference. Simple as that, because I don't think there necessarily is a "Wrong" choice.
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