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Recover disk space...? (Vista)

As you can see from the image, i have 3.3 GB occupied ... but i can't figure out with what kind of data. All the files (including hidded) have 27.1 GB and the partition is 37 GB (that means 10 GB of free space... but i have only 6.7 GB).

I didn't notice the change, so i can't relate this with some event; i'm (almost) sure that i didn't installed something really big or changed something in a significant way Neutral

It is not the System Restore (disabled) or hibernation (disabled)... so where is the problem ?

It will be hidden files, and installation files that VISTA keeps. Also note that the file system needs space to save information about files, for example if you store 2 10GB files the total occupied space will be about 20.3 GB or so. However if you store 40000 files totaling size 20GB they actual space occupied on disk will be around 25GB. the reason for that is that the file system has to store information about each file (permissions, groups, nodes occupied, chains and blocks) in special system file which is not visible from Vista. If you want to know more then read about NTFS file system or General principles of file systems.
Oh...but i've already said that i counted the hidden files. I've used several cleaning programs + i deleted myself some temporary files after a reboot in safe mode.

I removed all the uninstall information and the junk created when SP1 was (automatically) installed imediatly after the process finished...

Hm... and i doubt that the information for the location of my files can be 3.3 GB in size... when the partition has only 37 GB.

So... any other suggestions ? (10x sheedatali for the reply)
So you have 3.3 gb of unknown diskspace?
Is it a clean install without any additional programs added?

As far as I can think of it the pagefile sure adds some space. I recommend not disabling it unless you really need that space. The other 1.1 gb is the NTFS file system and additional made resources to reduce shipping size.
The pagefile.sys is included. It has 2.3 GB.

It's not
a clean install. I've installed vista a month (and a half, i think) ago. But until now i had 12 GB of free space.. i've downloaded some videos from youtube (2 GB), so... a period of time i had a little under 10 GB.

Because i use my laptop to work .. and everything was running fine i didn't notice the space loss Neutral.

Anyway... i've searched the net and found this web site >> . It has several software recomandations that (i hope) will help me locate the "problem".

I will post here if i find out the answer Think
I know it will sound weird ... but now i have 11 GB free disk space Neutral... and this without doing anything. After all the cleaning and no result ... 11 GB (from almost 7, like i've said in the posts above). This is f* up s*it for me. I consider myself a PRO Mad, i'm a developer, i can create/bring to life big projects using C++/Java, i can work with ease using a UNIX based OS (having only a console in front of me), i'm a student at a Faculty of Informatics !!!

Notice that i have more files than before and ALL the files (hidded and visible) sum to 27.1 GB (like in the picture of my first post !!!). BUT now i have 11 GB free and not 6.7...

So Vista does things that i can't understand Mad . My opinion -> f* Vista. Open source OSs rule this world!!
Or consider buying a bigger HD, so you won't run into this problem Razz
Glad it all worked out, for now Razz
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