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Strep Throat, and the Antibiotic(s) and Mono

Ghost Rider103
Hey, I have recently gotten strep throat, and I have had it once in the past before, and this is by far the worst I have ever had strep throat.

It started about last thursday night, my mouth (while I was sleeping) would get completely dry, so dry to where I could barely move my tounge. I had not yet expierenced any sore throat yet, so I didn't bother to look in the back of my throat for those little white patches, and I felt fine after getting up, and no longr had any problems the rest of the day.

Then later that night when I went to sleep, it started getting even worse, this was getting bad because my lips would completely dry up, and you know how easy it is for your lips to tear when they are dried, so I had cuts on my bottom and upper lip. Well Friday, I could barely swallow my own saliva, let alone nothing at all. It hurt like a mother to swallow just oxygen. I just bared with it till Sunday, hoping it was just an extremely bad sore throat.

Sunday mroning comes a long, I take a look in the back of my throat, and sure enough those white patches are back there, and a lot of them. It looked very gross, and is the worst strep throat case I have ever seen, I have never heard of anyone getting it this bad. I headed over to the emergency room, because the docs were closed sunday, and I wanted some antibiotics to tyr and hurry to get rid of it, because it is extremelty hard to eat or drink anything.

They took a sample of the liquids on the back of my throat, and 5min later come back with the result of course testing positive with strep throat. They then took some blood from me to check my white blood cell count. They said my white blood cell count was high for having strep throat, so they wanted me to go to the doctors to test my blood again in 48 hours. They also told me there is a possibility that I have mono, along with my strep throat, and that could be the reason my white blood cell count is so high.

Anyways, they gave me two pills for Sunday because the pharmacy was closed, and a prescription for azithromycin (the antibiotic). When I took those pills sunday, immediately I was really sleepy, like withint 20min of taking it. I took a nap for about 20min, and then I was feeling ok. Later that night I began to feel really loopy and dizzy, yet I was laughing at everything and didnt' feel sick, but my throat was still killing me. I actually don't remeber much of that night, but my g/f was with me, and said I was acting strange, and she thinks those pills were messing with my head a bit, and I agreed, becuase I remeber comming home feeling very dizy.

Now on Monday, I took the normal antibiotic azithromycin, and they don't seem to be doing too much to my strep throat, I am now having problems remebering things, and lastnight I did something very odd. I woke up at about 12:30A.M., and hopped in the shower. I then called my g/f as if I was getting ready to meet her at school, like I do every morning. She didn't answer, I looked at the time it was 12:57A.M. At this point, I was confused. The only thing I remeber was getting out of the shower, and calling my g/f. But I can confirm this is true because I asked my mom if she heard my get in the shower around 12, and she said yes, but I didn't stay in there very long at all.

Are these symptoms of the Antibiotic normal? and how long does it usually take before you start seeing results of tking the antibiotic? The lady told me that it wwould be hard on the stomach, but I don't have any problem with that. she also told me it would take 12 to 24 hours before I start felling better, im on the third day, and I don't feel better at all. This doctor has giving me wrong mdicine before, I am wondering if this is happening again...

Please help.
Ghost Rider103
Ok, I had to stop that last post kind of short, because I actually had a doctor appoitment to go to, because my white blood cell count was at 20,000 and it should be at around 10,000. I was also getting tested for mono.

Well the kind of good news is my white blood cell count is on it's way down, it's at 17,000 which is still high, but is going in the right direction.

The bad news, I not only have strep throat, I also have mono. Well this was very disappointing, since the doctor told me it takes up to 5 days for mono to show up in my blood test, and I have kissed/madeout with my g/f only three days ago, so she too probably has mono. I just hope she does not get the strep throat ontop of the mono, because barely being able to swallow your own saliva is not fun at all.

Has anyone here ever had mono before? What were the symptoms like for you, and how long did it take for you to get over it?

My doctor told me that the symptoms vary, and the most common are sore throats, tiredness, depression, weakness, and loss of appetite. I currently have been tired recently, and I am not sure if the strep is the reason I have the sore throat, or if the mono is causing that also. At times I have felt a little weak to, but not for a very long period of time.

So if you have had mono, I would just like to get a better idea on what it was like for you. Thanks for any help.
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