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Template needed


I need a new template for the next version of my website.

Url of my current website (Altered)

I want it a bit like this website

But not to much like it (not so it looks a lot like it maybe a few ideas no stealing)

I will be able to offer as many points as i have on here (Frih$)

And some free advertising on my sites (i get 500 unique hits a day on rmb-scripting)

I think i will need 3 coloums

I want it like rounded maybe some tabs at the top good colours, totaly not like the one we have now.

Hope this is posible + PM me about the price
Ghost Rider103
Color ideas?

I can design it, but I will not code it for you. Maybe you could find another coder and we could split up the price? Actually I would allow more of the price to go to the coder, since I don't use frih$ for much anymore.
Like the sorta web 2.0 colours if you know what i mean.


sorta thing

And thanks Wink
Ghost Rider103
Ok I will give it a shot, i'll update you tomorrow morning or eveening depending on when I have time to get back on.
Ghost Rider103 wrote:
Ok I will give it a shot, i'll update you tomorrow morning or eveening depending on when I have time to get back on.

cheers m8
Ghost Rider103
Hey, sorry if you thought this took a little longer, I wasn't able to update you earlier this morning.

There is what I have so far. I want you to keep in mind that the advertisement, and the image in the page content will not be used once someone codes your website. Everything was put in there to give you an idea on how the website would look with content, because it obviously looks way different without any content at all.

If yo see anything you want changed, let me know and I will see what I can do.
Sorry man i have put my wrong website.

I already have a new template for that one.

I needed one for.

I will pay you for the work you spent on the one i got you to do by accident.
Ghost Rider103
Well thanks, but I am not going to make you another one.

You can still have this one if you want, and just change the name at the top of the banner, but I am not going to take the time to make you two templates.
I love the design you've done there Ghost Rider, if you have a psd file I don't mind updating it to be the one that Daniel XP needed, just say so Wink
Ghost Rider103
No that's ok, if he wants me to update it I can do it myself.

Thanks for the offer though.
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