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Nuthin like playin ACDC when ur cruisin along the road. theres something in that music (especially in Thunderstruck) that just makes u a bit more dangerous on the roads
indeed, acdc is great on road.
but try to listen some suicidal tendencies (specially, "war inside my head").
and fasten your seatbelt, haha.
Razz Angus' guitar rig is so naked, but he has an incredible tone that makes you wanna get up and do something. Nothing but pure overdrive Smile No effects, no enhancers..nothing. Just pure gritty amp overdrive! Gotta love it. The only guitarist that could make such amazing music with just a few power chords.
AC/DC are legends not just in Hard Rock world but in music in general. These guys have proven themselves throughout the years and gave their fans the most amazing albums even though they had so many difficulties in their beginning. A member died, and that member happens to be their vocalist (Bon Scott)... that's the toughest thing to happen in a band: to get your fans like the new front man of the band... They succeeded in that, they excelled in that...
Their albums released in the 80s and the 90s (only 2 albums) proved that AC/DC do not fall for any commercial trends or other mainstream tendencies because their music wasn't affected at all by these elements. If you would compare Highway to Hell (1979) and Ballbreaker (1995) you would notice the high similarity of songs structure and sounds; but sounds eventually improved to suit the new sound production.
We're all sitll waiting now for AC/DC's next release since it's been since 2000 (Stiff Upper Lip) they didn't do any new material...
Their guitar tunes are excellent, otherwise they are pretty ordinary. Vocal is not up to the mark. Sorry for the opinion, but that's my view.
anuvab wrote:
Vocal is not up to the mark.

The vocals in AC/DC's style don't need to be perfect by standards of music. The uniqueness of the voice fits very well with their instrumentation. Plus, its a lot easier to sing along to a song when the original singer doesn't have the best voice in the first place.
anuvab wrote:
Their guitar tunes are excellent, otherwise they are pretty ordinary. Vocal is not up to the mark. Sorry for the opinion, but that's my view.

Ordinary is a word that would never, ever be used to describe ACDC. They're beyond ordinary. They're legends in all of rock music. They put on some of the most energetic shows the world has ever seen. The vocals aren't up to mark? Find me a single vocalist who can do anything close to the originality and uniqueness of Brian Johnson. Your opinion IS NOT GOOD TO ME!! Smile Open your ears.
Hi there,

There has been much discussion regarding Bon Scott vs Brian Johnson.

My opinion is that simple that Brian Johnson have that charisma that Bon Scott had, and also by my opinion match to Angus charisma, they did really had something at that time where it's today mostly Angus show that counts, but Brian Johnson do really have the right voice.

I really look forward to their next studio album...Smile

.....We salute you....

AC/DC rocked man.I saw them in detroit with black sabbath.Angus was a trip running around stage with the guitar screaming heavy metal.Loved the old days and the 80's long hair bands.Anyone remember the one hit wonders of QUIET RIOT ?
The difference between brian and bon:

Brian screams... Bon sings!!!
I really like ACDC. My dad has one of their concerts from Germany I think. Very very cool concert. I watch it a lot.
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