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Working in the Computer Industry

Ever wonder how to get started in the computer industry and what you might need to do something like that?

Contrary to popular believe you do not have to be a genius to work in IT. I was not mathematics expert at school but today I have build myself up to a prominent post within my companies IT area.

I believe that in order to work in the IT industry you need to be, highly motivated, be able to work unsupervised (forget web surfing in your career unless you need information), be able to apply what you learn, a logical thinker and be able to visualize the output people need. If you can do this then IT is the place for you.

So here is a short description of what you can do to get into a career in IT?

1) Make sure that computers are really something you want to be involved in. Remember that liking computers because you like playing games is not really a good motivation to work in the IT industry. Also remember that in the IT sector they will be lots of after hour’s work which can severely affect your social life.

When I started in 1980 with computers it was more because I wanted to fly flight simulators and so I purchased a ZX Spectrum - Any one remember them? Then I learnt to program in BASIC. This formed the basis to apply skills I had learnt and basically gave me the confidence to work on computers. Next I learnt Lotus 123 and from there I went to full blown computer work. Assembler programming, systems programming, and now I am a database specialist with a very large IT company.

2) Decide what you want to do in the IT field?

There are so many IT Tasks like programming, systems programming, Database administration, Networking, Web design etc.

Then decided in which are you would like to work?

There are many different areas but basically they fall into three categories:
a) Mainframe - Z/os
b) Mid Range - UNIX/ AS400/ Linux etc
c) Personal Computing - Windows

3) Start Learning?

I would suggest first learning your window environment and become familiar with the MS-Office applications.

Next do some formal training in a programming language? I would suggest VB or VB .net because all you can use it in so many environments like MS Excel, MS Access etc and you could even start earning some money writing applications and gaining experience.

Once you are confident it is time to look for a job within the IT sector, you could study further which would really help a lot but if you are very good at VB or VB .net you could already start to make you life in IT a reality.

4) One you are really confident in what you do look for area where there are shortages of skill and get trained in these areas, this will increase your marketability and you salary too.

I got involved in databases named DB2 and TeraData and got certified in both these to the MASTER level which has rocketed my career and earning potential.

Good Luck!!!!

I trust this will help, this is how I did it you can too - I am sure they are many people who can offer more advice so please add to this.
I entered the computer industry as a systems anaylst in 1982 and have remained a computer professional ever since. Back then computer jobs were easy to get, I had 20 job offers the year I graduated from university. I think now it is just if not more important to have an accreditation before anyone serious will hire you in the computer industry. Just beacuse you like computers wont get you a job, I believe you need to get some type of degree or paper since if you dont have it the next fellow applying for that job will, and he'll get the job before you, unless you start at a very small business.
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