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unable to delete ftp accounts

i am unable to delete a new ftp account that i created for one of my developers. i go to and when i go to FTP Management then select the account and press delete selected. i then get either get a 404 error or a blank page when i submit the form. i get this error in both firefox and internet explorer. i need to change the accounts folder permissions and this looks like the only way to do it delete and recreate the account. when i go to i am able to delete the account and recreate but the folder permissions dont get changed

any help on this would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance! Smile
In case you are still having problems, I want to understand exactly what your problem is.

1. The subject indicates trouble deleting ftp accounts. You give two links, and indicate that you did succeed in deleting the account using the second link. My observation was that I got the same result regardless of which link I used, but I did not actually try to delete an account. There may be a browser-dependent or cookie-related bug causing the first link to fail for you. In either case, you were able to delete, it appears.

2. The more important issue seems to be setting up the correct file access options. The only choice I see, when creating an ftp account, is where the root gets placed. There is only one set of "folder permissions" for your entire account, to the best of my knowledge. Presumably the ftp account can change any folder visible to it, under the same conditions as the main account can. The ftp account is controlled by making only certain folders visible to it, usually a sub-folder with the name of the ftp account. With proper settings, you can allow or prohibit creation of new folders under that folder.

You normally would return to the file management page to change the default permissions. You can create the ftp root folder there, change permissions and/or owner of the ftp root folder, and create sub-folders if desired.

If I have not understood your problem and you still have one, please clarify what else is failing or exactly what you need to do.
after repeated tries yes its been solved i have deleted the account that i wanted and created one with the appropriate folder permissions i wanted. your right that i could have set the permissions in the file management page. i didnt think of that but i meant really which folder the user starts in the home folder. anyway thanks for your help. Smile
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