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DivX or XviD DVD player

I have a lot of burned anime back when before the release of the .mkv or .ogm format. The popular codecs of choice were the DivX or XviD for video and AAC for audio contained in the .avi format with resolutions of 640x480.

I'm currently looking for a DVD player that can handle the data formats so I don't have to actually waste time converting hundreds of files to the appropriate format for standard DVD players. The question is, does anyone own one of these players and tell me about the compatibility and experiences with the respective player. And any recommendations on what player to purchase would also be helpful.
I have used one from Philips in the past, however most of the ones I have come across only support Mp3/WMV as audio, I have not see any which supports DiVX/XivD with AAC as audio. There probably are players out there that would do that, but my guess is that they would be expensive. The problem in my opinion is that AAC is proprietary codec and most chips avoid it, it is however pretty easy to change your audio stream only, I do that very often, on my core2d 1.80Ghz box, it take 15 mins for a full 2 hour movie, I normally just batch them up over night and they are ready in the next day. However as you state in your case most of the stuff is already burned to disk it probably is not ideal to re-encode and reburn. I will check around, and if I find any I will post back.
I have been using a very nice one from phillips, it plays almost any thing and I got it on sale for under $40. Here is one like it:>PRODUCTS&cm_ite=1%20PRODUCT&cm_keycode=4
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