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Iron Man

Has anyone see the movie Iron Man.. Any comments about it..
Freaking amazing. I am so glad Marvel got to do their own movie. *Possible Spoilers* I loved how the relationship between Stark and Pepper was only implied, and it was not in your face like another studio would have done. The special effects were blended seamlessly with the action, and the whole movie was very well put together.
Seems I might have to take a look at the movie. I knew "Iron Man" was coming but I wasn't planning on watching it because I never liked the series when I was a child. So far, it has a 94% rating on rottentomatoes. Shocked

Seems brokenadvice assessment of the movie fits the opinion of the critics so far.
Im gonna go see this one this week.
My friends tell me that its great!
I thought the movie was good. Robert Downey Jr. was phenomenal as Tony Stark.

The plot line was fairly decent. The writers did a good job of recreating the origin in order to fit modern day story telling. The CGI was very, very, impressive. There were only a few areas where you could definitely tell where CGI was used but throughout the movie, it was very well blended in.

I just wish there was a tad bit more fighting as Iron Man, but it was understandable as this is the origin of Iron Man.

I once again missed an end clip after the credits rolled...
I saw Iron Man this past Thursday night(opening night) on giant screen and it was awesome. If you have enjoyed any of the comic book movies made so far, you should like Iron Man. And if you liked Spider-Man or Batman Begins, you should LOVE Iron Man.

The action was excellent. The special effects were truly seamless. Tony Stark's character was realized so well by Robert Downey Jr. that he really compressed a lot of Tony Stark's depth into a single movie--amazing! The humor was well-placed and well-thought out, and the violence was shocking and abrupt just when it needed to be.

Iron Man melds the fanciful world of comics with the real world better than just about any of the other comic book movies yet made.

Oh, and if you see the movie, make sure to sit through to the very end of the credits to see a bonus scene! If you know anything about Marvel comics, it will be worth your while Smile.
carl_fernandes wrote:
Has anyone see the movie Iron Man.. Any comments about it..

Waiting for release in cinemas.......!

I heard it has good rating at around 8.5 in IMDB --> Lets wait and see ....!
Plot stayed true to the original

That said, plot moved very slowly. A lot of it was action oriented but in the end it was just an origin story, not much more than that (unlike Batman Begins, where you witness Bruce's origins but he also wages his first campaign, so to speak). BUT, given that this is going to be the first of three (or more) Iron Man films it's appropriate.

I'd say it's my favorite Marvel film, possibly even Superhero film.
Amazing.... not too much action but very entertaining. It's prove that there is no need for senseless action to make a movie good. Simply awesome. The design of the armour is simply amazing...

See it NOW....
I've heard alot of positive comments on it so far from my friends, gonna try watch it on the weekend and check back in with a review.
I've heard lots of good comments about this movie lately. I'll wait for the DVD. It's very rare for comic book films to be done right but I guess this is an exception. One comic book to film I didn't particularly like is the X-men movies, they deviate too far from the comics, in terms of plot, costumes and how the characters are done. Spider-man, loved it too. The first hulk movie , I kind a think that its pretty decent, but the upcoming hulk movie, seems the real deal (coz this time around he really gets to fight someone, unlike in the first movie I kinda forgot who he last battled with)
I knew nothing, nothing, about Iron Man before seeing the movie, and well, was I surprised to enjoy it so much !

It's easily one of the best Marvel movies I've ever seen, and believe me, I'm not much into super heroes, usually. I went to see it twice!! (ok, well, didn't have much choice really, because the fire alarm went off 3/4 thru the first time I went Razz)...

Anyway, awesome movie, I recommend it to all.
Saw it this past Saturday. Didn't know much more about the characters and the comics than I saw in the cartoons, one comic I read and what I had heard around. Despite that I thought it was a good movie. Nice when they stand alone like that and don't rely too much on the viwer knowing about the scource material. Smile BTW, what is this clip after the credits? We didn't know anything about that and didn't stick around (we were in a hurry). Smile
I saw the movie on CD..I liked it .. Wish to see it on big screen... Hope it happens soon..!!
Felixurban wrote:
BTW, what is this clip after the credits? We didn't know anything about that and didn't stick around (we were in a hurry). Smile

You have Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. telling Tony Starks something about the lines how he has now joined the ranks of a small fraction of super heroes in the world and states something about the Avenger Initiative. Search YouTube and you should be able to pull up a crappy version of the after the credit clips if it hasn't already been removed Wink
This is from my memory:

Tony comes home to his apartment.
"Jarvis, on."
"Welcome home, Mr Sta--" Jarvis' voice cuts off in garbled static. The apartment remains only partially lit. A dark figure stands behind Tony's couch gazing out his porch window, watching the dark cityscape.
"I am Iron Man." A gritty voice comes from the stranger, mocking Tony as he turns to face him. "You think you're the only one of your kind, Mr. Stark? You're part of a much bigger community."
The dark figure, wearing an eyepatch, glares at Tony.
"I am Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD, and I'm here to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative.


For those of you who know zilch about Marvel Comics, the Avengers are the premier superhero team in the Marvel Universe. That will most likely include(depending on which era the movie focuses upon): Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Giant Man, Wasp.

For anyone unfamiliar with the characters I just mentioned, pick up the graphic novel Ultimates. It is fantastic: well-drawn, engrossing story and character development, and it is very beginner-friendly for those of you new to comics or new to the Marvel Universe.
I have yet only seen a part of it, there wasn't time for the whole movie. After reading the posts here I think I'll
make the time for it...
I haven't watched it yet. Only saw preview in Youtube. But was told this movie is great !
Can't wait to see it! I hope it's released in Japan... but we don't get all the American blockbusters here... and the ones we do get take FOREVER to get here. Although Indiana Jones comes out next Month and I'm very excited for it!
I think it will be crappy. Don't know why though Wink
Its a very good film, i honestly thought it was going to be crap lol!
yea my first impression was not another one of thees .... then I saw it and wow its great Smile
Yeah, I was like Pochettino above; I didn't want to see it at all, at first. It was amazing, though. I hope there will be a sequel, and it seemed like there would be...
I saw the movie a few weeks back, and I thoguht it was great. I'm always willing to try out a movie adaptation of comics. I was suprised how well Iron Man came out. Hopefully the new Hulk movie comming out will be a good one as well.
Ok, holy crap I really enjoyed this movie. Excellent starting film for MARVEL studios! I'm really looking forward to their next few films, if this one is any indication of the quality and effort that they're going to put into the MARVEL movies.

Honestly this is better news than anything I could have hoped for. MARVEL Studios is hopefully going to make an honest effort to created movies with the best interests of fans in mind.
I thought Iron Man was probably my #1 or #2 favorite superhero movie. I loved it.

That will most likely include(depending on which era the movie focuses upon): Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Giant Man, Wasp.

From what I heard, the Hulk that comes out this weekend, Captain America will come out later, then finally an Avengers movie using all the same actors from the films. If you haven't seen it already, there's a trailer of the new Hulk movie with Tony Stark making a guest appearance.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about the mash-up of movies that it seems is on the way. Very Happy
I thought this movie was amazing! I usually don't go for superhero movies ether. I was thrilled the entire time! And my friend has the same phone lol. It made me giggle a little. Very Happy
download with wrost quality,.. i decide tyo postpone for watching it til i get a good one..:-p
this movie is very nice too. watch it in cinema, as you need the effect to feel it
this is a movie worth watching in cinema and trust me, you won't get that kind of feel unless you have a very good home theatre system Smile
Iron totally beat my expectations, really an enjoyable movie. loved the action and the characters in there. Nice mix of action with a twist of comedy thrown in.
movie was awesome but they could of added more action
I wasn't expecting too much, but definitely got surprised. Not only by the good script and the good visual effects, but also for Downey Jr. and its acting and the direction work.

I've heard this was a Marvel production and they had the freedom to make a script themselves. With that Nick Fury part, I hope more of this crossovers come (as Stark cameo on "Hulk") and a feature film full of these characters.
I disliked the movie for the simple fact that they had to get Iron man to fight the war in Afghanistan. As in when he flies to Afghanistan to fight the terrorists and save the villagers. I mean it could have been anything but no, it had to be like one of the old school our-superheroes-fight-our-war thing.
thepringer wrote:
movie was awesome but they could of added more action

I completely agree that there should have been more action; however, even after expecting a pure action flick, I was really impressed by this movie overall. I enjoyed Robert Downey Jr.'s acting almost as much as I enjoyed Johnny Depp's acting in Pirates of the Caribbean (they seemed like fairly similiar characters to me).
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