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monitor flickering lines

I just purchased a ipex monitor model 780. and i noticed that its always flickering , there are lines keep flickering and it gives me a headache can i solved the flickering of the lcd monitor?

are there any ipex monitor driver?
have you tried increasing the "Screen refresh rate" frequency under your 'Display Properties' settings? (Right click on your desktop then select 'properties'). Increasing the hertz might solve your flickering issues as your monitor may not have auto adjusted the refresh rate. Else you can try clicking on the restore factory defaults or the degauss button on your monitor's option menu.
I agree check the refresh rate, if it's below 60 you'll get a headache ( some come with a setting of 50). The higher you can go the better you screen will look and no headach. If you dont like your room mate and he uses you computer, set it back to 50 when you're gone. Smile
Yes. I would say probably refresh as well. If you want an easy out, every monitor has a "preferred refresh rate" which may not be the highest it can go. This is often noted on a label on the back of the monitor. If it's not, you can go to google and put in the model with "preferred refresh rate" in the search. No guarantees yours will pop up. But if you do a little poking, you'll be able to find it. Smile


If you dont like your room mate and he uses you computer, set it back to 50 when you're gone.

This made me laugh. LOL... well said.
In addition, might I recommend taking a screenshot of the desktop, setting it as the background (wallpaper) and then deleting all desktop icons?
If that doesn't help: are there any strong magnets or electrical devices near to the monitor? Try moving them away.
If you dont like your room mate and he uses you computer, set it back to 50 when you're gone.

this is an awesome idea hehehehe

btw, i have my monitors at 75 hertz. if u cant set it to something higher than 60 and there's no option, its likely that u need to update your driver. check on it too.
Flickering of LCD monitors is weird and probably has nothing to do with refresh rates, cuz the refreshrate only causes flickering on CRT screens.

Do you perhaps have some kind of dynamic backlight option enabled?
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